ups 文件專利接受儲物櫃的比特幣

Global shipping giant UPS is looking at accepting Bitcoin through an item-exchange locker service, newly published patent filings show.

UPS is eyeing a system of locker banks that can take digital forms of payment, according to an application released by the U.S. 專利商標局 (uspto) on Thursday. In addition to traditional payment systems, the patent filing lists Bitcoin as a possible currency to pay with.

The filing outlines different methods by renters can pay for the locker, specifically stating:

在示例實施例中, 儲物櫃可能包括銷售點 (pos) 接受用戶付款方式嘅系統: … 比特; 和/或 (5) 任何其他適當類型嘅付款。

在 2017, 超過 20 專利申請由商標註冊所公佈的比特幣作為一個可能的支付系統. 而數字略有下降 2016, 超過 50 該機構在過去兩年發佈的專利申請反映了一思路.

作者: 理查德 Abermann