blockchain 項目 dfinity 基金會籌集6100万美元

一個非營利組織想利用 blockchain 發展一個更分散的互聯網, 提高了 $61 美國資助百萬美元. 風險投資公司安山同對沖基金 polychain 資本, 佢話, 喺星期三.

dfinity 基金會想創建佢所謂嘅 "互聯網電腦,"在網絡空間中充當大型虛擬主機的開放式網. That would allow decentralized versions of many online technology services such as Uber, Dropbox, and eBay, according to a company statement.

Ryan Zurrer, venture partner of Polychain Capital, called the technology an “extremely compelling innovation” and said his company was “committing our largest-ever capital deployment.”

“At the moment, we’re looking very hard in how to widen distribution,” said DFINITY’s president and chief scientist Dominic Williams. “We’ve got demand in the hundreds of millions wanting to participate in the project.”

作者: 萨拉. 鲍尔


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