blockchain 新聞 24.05.2018

German stock exchange considers launching Bitcoin products

Deutsche Boerse, owner of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is considering offering cryptocurrency products, according to a report.

Speaking at an industry event in London on Wednesday, Jeffrey Tessler, the firm’s head of clients, products and core markets said:

We are deep at work with it.

US launches an investigation of illegal Bitcoin price manipulation

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into illicit trading, specifically whether traders are criminally manipulating the price of Bitcoin, according to four people familiar with the matter.

Federal prosecutors are working with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, a financial regulator that oversees derivatives tied to Bitcoin.

The illicit tactics that the Justice Department is focused on include spoofing and wash trading, which are illegal practices that can influence prices. In spoofing, a trader submits orders and then cancels them once prices move in a desired direction.

洗淨交易涉及同自己嘅老千交易, 同市場需求的虛假印象, 誘使其他潛水係好.


泰國銀行使用 blockchain 完成國際交易

泰國同 #8217 柯壤隋銀行成功地進行了跨境交易 “在幾秒鐘內” 喺新加坡嘅一間銀行使用 blockchain.

在未來使用此技術將允許新加坡銀行, 三菱, 想必其他公司 “further improve its liquidity management efficiency and reduce their costthe bank said.

First crypto hedge fund launched in Australia

Australia’s Every Capital has launched the country’s first cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund for retail investors.

Tom Surman, co-founder and director of the Australia-based investment management company, 說:

We’re proud to be one of the first retail funds that make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology available as a cutting-edge investment for every Australian.”

According to Surman, while many Australians are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, the lack of technical know-how is preventing most of them from diving into the digital currency waters.

Japanese tech giant GMO to roll out 7nm Bitcoin miner

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet is set to roll out a Bitcoin mining device based on 7nm chips later this year.

The firm said it is launching the new B2 miner on June 6th with mass production to soon follow, and shipments beginning in October.

The announcement said the device should provide high-levels of hashing power with lower electricity demands.

coinbase 獲取加密交換 paradex & 計劃提供我哋以外的服務

Coinbase, 美國最大嘅加密交換平台, 已獲得分散式交換平台 paradex.

paradex 係一種對等服務, 為用戶提供咗佢喺銀包直接交易 cryptos 嘅能力, 而唔係使用諸如 coinbase 噉嘅集中服務。, 雙子座, 等. 因此, 用戶對其標記同菲亞特資本擁有完全的保管權.

coinbase 計劃對該技術進行一些改進, 並向美國以外的客戶推出 paradex 服務。.


捷克共和国最大嘅天然氣公司之一, Pražská plynárenská, 宣布計劃在下個月接受比特幣.


目前, pražská plynárenská電力供應超過 420,000 燃氣客戶.

blockchain 新聞 24.05.2018


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