blockchain 新聞 18.05.2018

unionbank 在菲律賓展示比特幣採礦設備

比特幣繼續吸引金融機構嘅注意. 菲律賓最大的銀行, Unionbank, 在一次商業會議上提出了它的比特幣採礦設備.


印度同 #8217 嘅 blockchain 貿易融資網絡銀行合作夥伴

Infosys is exploring blockchain technology to bring new efficiencies to trade finance.

The blockchain-based trade network has been designed to digitize trade finance business processes and covers areas such as ownership validation, certification of documents and payments.

Going forward, the group aims to create acomprehensive blockchain ecosystem, thereby contributing towards greater adoption of this technology,” said Ajay Gupta, senior general manager at ICICI Bank.

Tel-Aviv stock exchange to use blockchain for new lending platform

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is teaming up with Accenture and The Floor, an Israeli fintech hub, to build a blockchain securities lending platform aimed to allow direct lending of all financial instruments.

The platform will act as aone-stop-shop for all securities lending activities, permitting access to larger securities volumes within shorter time-frames, even operating in shorter-term positions,” a press release states.



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