blockchain 新聞 16.05.2018

新 blockchain etf 在紐約證交所上市

星期三喺紐約證券交易所推出嘅新 blockchain 交易所交易基金.

ETF (BKC) 持有嘅股份 32 在 cryptocurrencies 或其基礎 blockchain 技術中工作的公司. etf 由雷克斯股票經營, 並由布赖恩? 凱利積極管理。, cnbc 的貢獻者同 bkcm 嘅負責人, which runs a digital assets strategy for clients.

The fund also holds shares of Square and chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices.

法國財長表示, 佢 #8217 同 cryptos 嘅熱情。

法國財政部長, 布鲁诺樂 maire, 已成為歐洲最資深嘅官方 outspokenly 支持加密, 因為他宣稱空間有佢嘅 "全面和堅定的支持"。

樂 maire 最近說, 根據粗略嘅翻譯:

根據粗略嘅翻譯, but now I’m passionate. It took me a year. Let us educate our fellow citizens to make France the first place for blockchain and crypto-assets innovation in Europe.”

Coinigy launches subscription based crypto trading app

Coinigy, a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced the launch of Coinigy Mobile, a subscription-based mobile cryptocurrency trading application for iOS and Android, providing customers with a platform to trade through nearly 20 exchanges with data connectivity across more than 40 交流.

Unlike nearly all cryptocurrency trading platforms, coinigy 移動交易應用程序適用於訂閱模型, 用戶可以訪問該平台及其功能, 以便 $21.95 每月.

比特幣礦山設備製造商迦南文件1美金 ipo

迦南公司, 世界第二大比特幣開採硬件製造商, 向香港證券交易所提交上市申請, 將係世界同 #8217 最大嘅加密相關 ipo.

迦南計劃在7月開始交易。, 一個對此事知情嘅人講, asking not to be identified because the information is private. 該公司, based in Hangzhou, 出售 300,000 bitcoin mining rigs last year and had revenue of 1.3 billion yuan ($205M). 在過去的一年, net income surged more than sixfold, according to Tuesday’s filing.

A listing of Canaan would be the first Hong Kong IPO from the cryptocurrency industry.

Social investing platform eToro to launch crypto exchange in US

eToro, a social investing platform, is launching a cryptocurrency exchange and mobile wallet, and expanding into the United States.

Consumers all over the world should have access to the tools they need to participate in cryptocurrency markets, regardless of their expertise,” CEO Yoni Assia said in a press release.

Top cryptocurrency traders will be able to earn income by making their portfolios transparent on eToro and allowing other traders to copy their trades.

The platform has 10 million users from 140 國家, from China and Russia to Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Although no timeline was given for when cryptocurrency options will be available in the U.S., eToro plans to offer cryptocurrency trading in every jurisdiction in the country.

Azerbaijan taxes revenue received in cryptocurrency

Azerbaijan is taxing revenue received in cryptocurrency, according to Nijat Imanov, deputy director general of the tax policy and strategic research department for the Taxes Ministry, according to the country’s Trend News Agency.

If someone buys cryptocurrency and sells it at a higher price, the profit is recorded as income and subject to taxation, Imanov said, calling it a profit tax for legal entities and an income tax for individuals.

blockchain 新聞 16.05.2018


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