blockchain 新聞 13.09.2018

bitgo 接受監管機構對保管密碼資產的審批

加密安全啟動 bitgo 已獲得美國批准, 作為數字資產的合格保管人。. bitgo 信託已獲南達科他州銀行分部批准, 意味住佢而家可以為機構客戶提供數字資產的受控存儲解決方案, said chief compliance and legal officer Shahla Ali.

“目前 … we offer an online hot wallet solution, which is available to anyone to download our software and store their coins. We also offer a custodial solution which is a combination of hot and cold walletour hope is to build this platform out, to really demonstrate to regulators and customers that this model can work and we can really build a great trust company that safeguards assets.BitGo aims to create a secure custody offering that is a tool to reassure investors and local governments alike that cryptocurrencies can provide value to these groups. “We realized they would be best served by a custodian who was entirely focused on their assets” 佢話.

Mt. Gox’s corporate creditors can now file claims for Bitcoin refunds

The trustee of the long-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has announced that corporate creditors can now enter claims to claw back trapped Bitcoin through a recently approved rehabilitation process. 田中信明林, attorney-at-law and the rehabilitation trustee for Mt. Gox said in a release on Wednesday that former corporate users of the exchange will have until Oct. 22 to file proof backing up their claims for refunds of crypto assets held by the exchange.

We have released an online rehabilitation claim filing systemwhich allows corporate users to file their proofs of claim by online methods in connection with the civil rehabilitation proceedings,” Kobayashi said. The release follows previous news that Mt. Gox’s online filing system had been opened up to individual (non-corporate) users on Aug. 23rd 2018. 目前, Jan 24th, 2019 is the next (expected) court date where the trustee’s decision will either be approved or rejected by a Tokyo court, therefore everything is subject to future changes.

blockchain 可以增加1美元的貿易融資

blockchain 可以填補大部分嘅 $1.5 通過放寬小額融資, 全球貿易融資中萬億美元供需缺口- 和新興市場的中型企業, 新的研究表明. 由世界經濟論壇同贝恩聯合進行和發佈 & 公司, 研究表明, 透過部署 blockchain, 全球企業可以產生額外嘅 $1 萬億喺貿易融資, 否則會錯過了.

根據亞洲開發銀行的計算, 全球貿易融資缺口目前處於 $1.5 兆和估計增長到 $2.4 兆 2025. 這項研究進一步解釋說, 問題主要係由於中小企獲得信貸和貸款的機會有限, 佢哋希望擴大其業務。, 由于分佈式網絡可以喺供應鏈沿線嘅金融機構之間共享業務記錄, 並為企業帶來透明度’ 信譽. “佢哋將有助於緩解信貸風險。, 降低收費, 消除貿易壁壘,” 研究人員寫.

加密交換 okcoin 擴展到 20 更多美國國家

已經有近一年了, 因為在政府實施的貿易禁令之後, 世上最大嘅 cryptocurrency 交易所之一被迫關閉了它的大門。. 現時, 該交換, 以前以中國為基礎嘅 OKCoin, 注視喺地球嘅另一耑捲土重來. 而家總部設在舊金山, OKCoin 嘅 U s. 分支機構喺星期三宣布, 它已獲得監管批准, 擴大到 20 新的國家, 極大地擴展到全球最大嘅加密市場之一.

"為 cryptocurrency 市場達到其全部潛力", 好似 okcoin 噉嘅交易所必須與現有的同新嘅可轉換虛擬貨幣監管機構合作。, 數碼產品, 和/或證券,"蒂姆 buyn 說。, 交易所經營者嘅首蓆執行官. "我哋嘅團隊喺美國監管框架的複雜性範圍內努力工作。. 我哋好高興能邁出一大步, 因為我哋個目標係打破阻礙真正的全球數字資產市場的障礙, 同時遵守長期嘅既定規定。 以前, okcoin 美國只系加利福尼亞的商人開放, 佢吸引咗周圍 $700,000 在每日容量, 在全球交易所中排名第125, 每 CoinMarketCap.

假每日市場報告 12.09.2018



$136M traded across all markets today

blockchain 新聞 13.09.2018




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