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萬事達卡專利會將信用卡擺喺公眾 blockchain 去

付款巨頭萬事達卡探索緊使用公共 blockchain 安全地驗證信用卡付款在銷售點.

根據美國申請的專利申請. 專利商標局, 萬事達卡有提出一個傳輸和檢索過程嚟驗證用戶’ 付款憑證超過 “公開咁易接近嘅 blockchain。”

The document goes on to explain how a record of the payment is encrypted/decrypted and stored on the blockchain. – Blockchain Based eCommerce Platform for Unparalleled Curated Experiences Unveils Presale, an upcoming platform and a blockchain-based eCommerce platform headquartered in Singapore with offices in New York and Bangalore announced their presale. The presale will come with an attractive 30% Bonus as an early bird offer. Runs recently closed a seed funding of $1M backed by- Panamax Capital, Beast Capital, and Columbia Angels. 在哥倫比亞大學的創新和創業計劃中孵化, 將利用這些資金發展其 blockchain 框架, 為電子商務帶來透明度和信任。. It plans to achieve this by building a decentralized platform where the decision-making power lies with the user rather than the platform. is led by Giri Devanur who is an Entrepreneur of the year award winner in 2017 and an Alumnus of Columbia University. Giri was the CeoAMERI100, a company that made its journey to NASDAQ in just four years. Giri Devanur is joined by Dr. Artit Wangperawong who holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University. have launched their Token Generation Event (TGE) through 2 phases – presale and crowd sale. There will be a total of 75,000,000 tokens available for contributors.

Backers and fans can log onto to take advantage of the early bird offer which is on a first come first served basis and for a limited period only.

Speaking at the occasion Giri Devanur: Co-founder & Ceo – adds:

“There is a massive shift away from traditional e-commerce to experiences driven community commerce. 在過去, 冇其他公司能成功地捕捉到經驗和教訓。. 隨著, 我哋正在尋找利用令人振奮嘅 blockchain 技術, 讓人們分享佢哋難忘嘅時刻在社區內. 最初, 我哋將專注於板球, 世界各地的電影院和咖啡愛好者。

博士. Artit Wangperawong Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at and Stanford alumnus stated:

“Blockchain technology is uniquely poised to disrupt a swathe of industries. At, we’re developing the platform along with our signature XKU’s to address the needs of world commerce and to deliver the best experiences to people on one decentralised platform. We are committed to attracting talented individuals to join our team to make the premier commerce platform across the world.” will be disrupting traditional e-commerce platforms which use SKU’s as the fundamental way to identify units. Moving away from the conventional SKU’s, has patented a new method of identification and tracking called XKU – ‘Experience Keeping Unit’. XKU’s will cover the 3-S parameters – Story, 源, and Sustainability.

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blockchain 新聞 08.06.2018


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