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庞氏騙局由数个程序組成, 由 dr. 阿米特 Lakhanpal, CEO of the Money Trade Coin Group and CMD of the Flintstone Group. Officials said that Lakhanpal had created a cryptocurrency called the Money Trade Coin (MTC), which he heavily marketed to the broader Indian community in order to lure investors into other speculative deals. An office in Orion Business Park owned by the Flintstone Group real estate development agency is said to beat the center of fraudwith its staff orchestrating the majority of these fraudulent scams; The unsuspecting investorsten to twenty times in just four to six months,” reports Times Of India. It was also claimed that some investors were even promised Caribbean citizenship, real estate and Swiss bank accounts in exchange for their investment.

It is estimated that the estimated amount of money earned by this overall Ponzi system is approximately 500 crore, which equates to $ 6,699,450,000.

During the bust, the Thane police arrested and arrested Taha Kazi, one of the key flanking technicians, but is still looking for Lakhanpal and four other key figures of the fraud.

The Ponzi was investigated by local authorities following a complaint from Delhi’s Managing Director Pravin Agarwal after receiving no payouts from the company. Deputy Chief of Police Abhishek Trimukhe said:

We recorded the crime at Chitalsar Police Station, where the defendants traded a cryptocurrency coin, and deceived several people.

從嗰時起, the police have now officially issued acase of fraud, criminal violations, forgeries and other relevant areas of the IPC, in addition to the Maharashtra Law for the Protection of Interested Investors, 1999, and also under the Information Technology Act”.

While it is still unknown how far this Ponzi system affected the area, the police report that a second raid will take place in another office in Kailas Industrial Park, Vikhroli.

After this bankruptcy, many now believe that this scam is part of a much larger Ponzi operating out of Dubai. It has recently been reported that Lakhanpal has already partnered with His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Obaid Al Maktoum’s Cabinet to formAl Kasir Group,” a new Dubai-based Diamond-backed crypto startup. It aims to create blockchain assets that are deposited with gems and can be traded through an in-house exchange. It is disturbing that Al Kasir Group has already launched itsPre Initial Blockchain Asset Offeringthrough the Al Kasir Group portal, which is attracting investment. 係咪聲稱實際上係母親庞氏的最後生嘅暴徒, 仍有待觀察.

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blockchain 新聞 06.06.2018


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