Former developers of Blockstream create a supercomputer on blockchain

Máquina multitud

Ben Gorlick and Johnny Dilly left the Blockstream team of developers to work on their own project of the decentralized cloud computer Máquina multitud. Gorlick is the technical director, and Dilli is the head of system architecture.

The developers believe that the cloud computing systems need improvements, and Crowd Machine offers a blockchain solution. A decentralized cloud computer will make the process of creating applications on any blocker faster and cheaper: “What we are working on will change the rules by which the software is created and running,” Gorlick said in a conversation with Coindesk.

Máquina multitud

The project involves several companies that are on the list of Fortune 500 jejelas, including GE and Anthem. Ti' le súutuko', developers are testing the system in application to the blockade Ethereum.

As a former member of Blockstream, Ben Gorlik ilej le talamilo' yéetel u jaajile' le leti' ’ Guatemala mina'an u yotocho'ob jach talam utilizar máquinas blockchains ch'a'iko'ob la yik'áalil basados ti' leti'ob. Describir u principio le túumben yaan, cita jump'éel calendario ka'anatako'ob. Ku táan betabi' yóok'ol jump'éel plataforma múuyal ti' múuyal Google bey Amazon Web Services. Ba'ale' pakteche' kin jump'éel usuario ku activa, jump'éel tarifa le desarrollador. Gorlick u oksaj óoltik wa u le t.u.m jach juntúul “kaal botella”, conduce u ka'anatako'ob Baajux.

The effectiveness of Crowd Machine is due to the fact that any user activity is broken into many parts and then redirected to the network of devices, each of which is engaged in their processing. Tune', the application starts and runs the program, but users are not tied to one provider.

Xan, users of the application will be able to receive a reward for launching the program on all types of devices: laptops, smartphones and even devicesInternet of things”. The computer uses the idea of ​​astrong federation”, which Gorlick and Dilly created in Blockstream. It guarantees that the nodes will execute the code correctly.

At the same time, future Crowd Machine-based application developers do not even need to know about programming: Crowd App Studio allows you to create applications using the video interface in drag-and-drop mode.

Writing a smart contract sounds frightening. We need to remove barriers”, Ben Gorlick believes.

Tune', to create smart contracts Ethereum you can without knowledge of the programming language Solidity. And in the future the service will support other programming languages, including Script bitcoin.

Autor: Richard Abermann

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