Blockchain noticias 30.07.2018

Greek court to extradite Alexander Vinnik to Russia for laundering $4B through BTC-E

A court in the Greek city of Thessaloniki has granted the second request for the extradition of Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik, filed by the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office. His lawyer Timofey Musatov saidThe court has ruled to extradite Alexander Vinnik to Russia.

Vinnik had been detained in Greece on July 25th, 2017, at the request of US authorities, charging him with a number of offenses including laundering $4 billion dollars through the now defunct BTC-E exchange.

Banco australiano afirma éxito te' koonolo' mundial blockchain ensayo

Le Banco ti' le Commonwealth u Australia (CBA) chukpajal jump'éel transfronterizo envío ku meyajtiko'ob blockchain utia'al u jump'éel seguimiento le mercancías ti' le tsolokbal suministro. Le multinacional, juntúul Australia ’ Guatemala mina'an u yotocho'ob “Kantúulo'on nukuch” bancos, tu ya'alaj 37,000 libras almendras ayik'alo'ob u enviados u Australia u Alemania, & j-seguidos ti' jump'éel plataforma blockchain privada desarrollada tumen le Banco. Nodos u participantes le yaan blockchain incluyen pak'chaje' claves a lo largo de tsolokbal suministro, such as agriculture producer Olam Orchards and logistic carriers, as well as port operator Patrick Terminals and the Port of Melbourne.

The CBA said the blockchain-based system stores the data of containers, documents and financial transactions on a distributed network. As such, different partners can simultaneously view and track information about a shipment in real-time – data including the shipment’s status or the temperature and humidity of the containers. The bank said it aims to continually invest in blockchain & then statedThis level of data provided partners in the supply chain with a greater level of transparency and efficiency regarding the location, condition and authentication of the goods being transported.

SEC Commissioner says Bitcoin is regulated & mature enough to have an ETF

Shortly after the SEC rejected the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) application filed by the Winklevoss twins on July 26th, Comisario s. Hester Peirce ka tu ye'esaj u decepción yéetel u k'alt'aan le Agencia utia'al u rechazar ETF Bitcoin. Señaló u Bitcoin, Bey juntúul activo, Táan regulada ka madurado u suficiente bey utia'al dignos ti' le mercados Estados Unidos. "U le ba'al ka, Bitcoin ma' jach tu píibo' maduro, bastante respetable, wa regulado utia'al u dignos k mercados,"Peirce tu ya'alaj ti' jump'éel declaración pública way sijnáaleche' publicó utia'al u refutar u desaprobación le Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF.

Peirce ts'o'ok u añadido u le k'alt'aan precipitada ti' le SEC socavado protección le inversores tumen despedir institucionalización k'íiwiko' Bitcoin, u yilmaj jump'éel aumento u síibil tumen molayilo'ob financieras reguladas bey Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan ka Morgan Stanley ti' le ichil wi'inal. "Ku ts'o'okole', In preocupa u enfoque le Comisión socava protección le inversores tumen jump'éel asab institucionalización k'íiwiko' Bitcoin. More institutional participation would ameliorate many of the Commission’s concerns with the Bitcoin market that underlie its disapproval order,” Peirce said.

TransferGo adds cryptocurrencies to remittance app

TransferGo, a London-based remittance service, has become the first remittance provider to offer a cryptocurrency trading service, and will offer Bitcoin, Litecoin and others, in response to a strong demand for cryptocurrency. Daumantas Dvilinskas, founder and CEO of TransferGo, spoke to the strong demand for cryptocurrencies “Our clients wanted it.TransferGo has more than 65,000 users and is adding 1,000 new customers daily.

Asab u 4,000 users have signed up for the new service, which offers support in seven languages, in the first few hours. Dvilinskas said customers will not be sending cryptocurrencies to their relatives in other countries but will be buying them for their own use. Dvilinskas saidAs a platform, they’re here to stay, and as a platform, we want to be a very easy and user-friendly way for consumers to get access to these.” He also said Blockchain technology will become the new tool for information exchange in the financial industry.

Kraken informe Sáansamal mercado utia'al u 29.07.2018


$42.5M traded across all markets today

Blockchain noticias 30.07.2018

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