Blockchain noticias 25.05.2018

Mike Novogratz: Investigación le jala'acho' Estados Unidos ti' Bitcoin uts

Inversor multimillonario Mike Novogratz tu ya'alaj ma' táan Jak'a'an tuméen le denuncias ka ts'aik u bienvenida ti' le investigación, jump'éel sentimiento tumen Cameron Winklevoss, Jo'olpóopo' intercambio criptográfico Gemini. Wakaxo' u Bitcoin nojochil ti' Wall Street elogió kaajil tu'ux bey le Chúunul le supervisión normativa k'a'abeto'ob.

"Tselik le actores u k'aak'as, ba'al ma'alo'ob, Ma' k'asa'an yo'osal ts'aak k'íiwiko',"Novogratz, ba'axi' le sukbenilo'ob Banco Mercantil cryptocurrency LP Digital Galaxy, tu ya'alaj ti' jump'éel entrevista. “Plenty of exchanges have these inflated volume numbers to create some sense of excitement around coins,” he said, citing his own experience trying to trade.

“We welcome any inquiry that serves to foster rules-based marketplaces and deter bad actors,” Winklevoss, president of the Gemini exchange, said in a statement.

Kraken contrata fiscal ti' le ma'alo'ob meyaj ku beetik Bush bey asesor tuláakal

K'eexpajal sede te' San Franciscoe' cryptocurrency Kraken ts'o'ok u contratado ti' jump'éel ex fiscal federal nombrado tumen Jo'olpóopo' George W. Bush ti' ten bey u asesor jurídico.

Business Insider informa u le intercambio, octavo mayor le yóok'ol kaaba' yéetel juntúul volumen Sáansamal u p'íit menos $350 millones, u contratado Mary Beth Buchanan, the first woman and youngest-ever person appointed US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

20% of financial institutions considering crypto trading services in 2018 according to Reuters survey

Ontario based financial information firm Thomson Reuters released survey results showing growing interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Thomson Reuters surveyed 400+ clients and found that one-fifth of them are planning to offer cryptocurrency trading services in the next 12 wi'inal, due to a significant increase in the number of requests from traders, which is “a major change.”

Blockchain noticias 25.05.2018

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