Blockchain noticias 23.05.2018

Bank of America patents blockchain security tool

Bank of America has won asecurity and data privacy patentaccording to the US Patent and Trademark Office, for a way to control access to certain aspects of a permissioned blockchain network.

The bank explained:
A need exists to provide designated entities/users the ability to readily identify blocks that are relevant to the designated usersconcern, and once blocks have been identified, security features that assure that the designated entities/user that are accessing the blocks are, in fact, authorized users.

Russian State Duma approves crypto industry bill

Russia’s parliament, the State Duma, has approved new laws regulating the crypto industry. The laws define cryptocurrencies and tokens as property, and lay out specifications for interacting with crypto and blockchain-related technologies.

410 deputies approved the bill at the hearing, with only one voting against it.

Úuchik u ley "Ti' Digital activos financieros" ku ts'o'ok yaax yaantal yáanal consideración tak le ja'abo' u yúuchul yéetel juntúul plazo u 1 u julio, trata cryptocurrencies, Je'el bix u tecnologías relacionadas yéetel le blockchain bey le contratos smart, yéetel le minería.

CFTC publica náakake' u yaak'il ti' jejelas u k'u'ubul derivados cryptocurrency

, USA. Comisión koonolo' futuros yik'áalil k'a'abeto'ob (CFTC) u a'ala'an le túumben náakake' u yaak'il ti' múuch'meyajil yik'áalil derivados relacionados yéetel u cryptocurrency le tsoolol intercambios.

Meenta'an yo'osal wáantik ti' le xoknáalo'obo' k'íiwiko' j ku gestión le ku yéetel “claridad reguladora” ti' “ti' clave ku requieren tu yaabilajech” tales bey "t'u'uchpachtik procesos gobernanza apropiadas en relación con le ch'iino' le yik'áalil,” bin u director DCR Brian Bussey.

Islas Marshall máan in crypto meentik ley u k'an nacional

U túumben cryptocurrency u k'aaba' le soberano (SOV) ka ocupará le kúuchil USD bey le chen k'an nacional.

Le túumben k'an yaan le k'an way sijnáaleche' utia'al le negocios yéetel le 53,000 k'at antaj mentik ti' le Islas Marshall – jump'éel noj soberano ka miembro u UN.

This is the first sole sovereign cryptocurrency signed into law and is significant because (in theory at least) it means that financial institutions such as banks and Visa will have to accept the SOV as it is now the legal tender of a sovereign nation.



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