Blockchain noticias 22.05.2018

Argentina bank becomes the first to use Bitcoin for customer transactions

Today Argentina’s Banco Masventas, in partnership with Bitex exchange, became the first bank to use Bitcoin for real customer transactions, specifically for cross-border payments.

It seems to be the first domestic bank in the world to allow customers to use Bitcoin as a payment option. According to the bank, customers can now use Bitex to send money to over 50 different countries in less than 24 hours, with a fee of 3% +VAT.

Poland suspends decision of taxing cryptocurrency transactions

The Finance Ministry for Poland has released a new statement about the country’s taxation laws.

Much to the delight of Poland’s cryptocurrency users, the taxation on trading cryptocurrency has been temporarily lifted as the authorities have realized how inapplicable and irrational the taxation laws were.

Blockchain noticias 22.05.2018


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