Blockchain noticias 11.05.2018

Bank of Canada to use blockchain for instantly settling securities

The latestProject Jasperblockchain trials have shown that distributed ledgers are effective at automating securities settlements in real-time, according to Bank of Canada and two partners on theintegrated securities and payment settlementproject.

Gerry Gaetz, president and CEO of Payments Canada, was quoted as saying:
This shows that it is possible to deliver payments in a way that has never been done beforeby directly swapping cash from buyers to sellers, resulting in instant settlements.

Korean exchange Upbit raided by prosecutors

Prosecutors in South Korea have reportedly raided the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country, UPbit. Investigadores le Fiscalía’ Oficina u Seúl tu kaxtaj le sede le pawo' le 10 u mayo.
UPbit le sospechoso u fraude tumen presuntamente kóonik cryptocurrency ti' le clientes jach ma' bisik, bin u informe u.
Le fiscales’ Oficina tu ya'alaj: “Ts'o'ok k conseguido discos yéetel ánaalte'ob contabilidad ti' le confiscación. Análisis pa'ta'al u yuk'ej k'iin.”

Huawei analte'obo' yaan Bitcoin wallet app ti' le app store

Le usuarios teléfonos Huawei táan u béeytalo'ob descargar Bitcoin carteras ti' u dispositivos tuméen yáax ka'atéen ichil le tak viernes.

Huawei, le auricular jach nojoch le tercer fabricante mundial, le liberación cartera Bitcoin u ti' u AppGallery, Bin Alejandro le Torre, Vicepresidente u u operaciones.

Tu ya'alaj ti' le AppGallery yaan preinstalado ti' le túumben teléfonos Huawei.

Le traslado úuchak jaant le asab impacto te' k'íiwiko' chino, Tu'ux Huawei leti' le asab aj-ookolo' tu teléfonos móviles. Le jala'acho' chino bloquea Jayp'éel jaatso'ob iTunes Apple yéetel Google Play Store u Android, limiting access to apps like’s. While China has shut down cryptocurrency trading platforms, people can still own virtual currencies.

“It’s a good opportunity to tap into the Chinese market,” de la Torre said in a telephone interview. “The use of cashless payments with apps is very big and the traditional banking system is lacking, so there’s a good use case for crypto payments to grow there.”

Blockchain noticias 11.05.2018


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