Ma' embalaje

Ba'ax le tzeltalo'obo' unboxing páawo'ob?

Ma' embalaje

Ma' embalaje – juntúul mercado masivo

Le marcas táan xupik asab u 36 mil millones dólares ti' anuncios ts'aa media tumen ja'aba'. These ads are often times ignored and not trusted by people. Meanwhile, 9 out of 10 people trust content posted by someone they know. That, is where Unboxed comes in. Báaxalo'-meentik marcas yéetel le usuarios redes ts'áabal u crean ka registrar marca auténtico u relacionados yéetel le contenido. Ku cha'antik jump'éel ya'ab utsil contrato, crea efecto taak'in u chi' xíimbal tumen marca. Xan faculta le usuarios redes ts'áabal.

Jump'éel empresa meyaj

Ma' embalaje le jump'éel ma'alo'obtal completamente funcional utilizado tumen yóok'ol 100+ marcas ti' mundial (u abarca, USA., Canadá, Reino Unido, Alemania, Dinamarca, Noruega yéetel le noj lu'umilo'obo' bálticos). Yóok'ol 40,000 líneas código, cientos iteraciones, and product pivots throughout the year have enabled company to today deliver large scale word-of-mouth campaignsthat involve millions of everyday social media users.

The Perfect Cure for Companies

Unboxed offers the perfect cure for companies sick of wasting time and money on influencer marketing companies that rely on labour intensive processes for finding the right influencers, negotiating deals, and managing relationships. Le procesos u nojoch limitan le meyaj ku usuarios redes ts'áabal u páajtal táan u táakpajalo'ob ti' le campañas chi' ti' chi' yéetel negocios ku kéeen ts'o'okok meyaj yéetel chan junmúuch' usuarios redes ts'áabal – influyentes wa celebridades.

Unboxed táan u involucrando u le yóok'ol kaaba'

U tuukul paach le máabeno' ka na'ak yéetel juntúul solución ba'ax ku cha'antik k reemplazar le múuch' chan máako'ob influyentes yéetel millones usuarios le medios ts'áabal Sáansamal – t'aano'on Unboxers. We also replace campaign managers with marketing experts who can manage thousands of campaigns in a decentralized manner, by combining AI with an independent network of marketing experts. With that, we enable social media users to get their share of the $36bn market.

The Plan of Unboxed

Our business is set to grow from operating in 10 noj lu'umilo'obo' tu la actualidad meyaj ti' 100 mercados u. Utia'al u acelerar le tuukula' construimos jump'éel nu'ukulil u 125 j-ka'ansajo'ob tumen 2021. Xook asab…

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