TradeFred le jump'éel global ti' internet ichil forex yéetel CFD plataforma Trading. Our expert combination of financial and customer support expertise ensures we can offer you an investment experience tailored to your individual investment style. We strive to maintain our position as a trusted name in the industry, thanks to our ethical and customer-oriented approach.


Why should you join TradeFred?

First-class trading experience, including narrow spreads of only 0.1 pips.
Expert resources designed to formulate your optimal trading strategy.
– Pi'ik'a' túumben koonolo' posiciones ma' naaysik u yóol ti' le emociones humanas.
– Muuk' séeba'an u táak'in ti' chéen jump'éel k'iin meyaj yéetel ya'ab k'oja'ano'ob formas bo'ol.
– Superior koonolo', procesamiento u pedidos confiable yéetel rápida implementación.
– Ma' inversión demo ilimitado yéetel juntúul biblioteca nu'ukulo'ob xook gratis.
– Activos le clientes ku bisa'al ka'ansaj ti' bancos yáax xook, completamente separados k leti'ob taak'in.
– Gerente tu yilaje' dedicado yéetel ti' u mayaj ti' le cliente multilingüe.
– Ken káaje' operar forex yéetel CFDs yéetel juntúul baja inversión inicial u chéen $ 250.

Túumben ti' Forex? Kanik negociar bey juntúul k ka comenzar u náachil inversión ti' mix p'isib ti' tuláakal.

Ma' bo'otik tumen materiales costosos. Ahorre k'iin ka taak'in yéetel lelo'oba' Nu'ukulo'ob gratuitas ti' le Academia u TradeFred:

Tuméen ba'ax TradeFred?

TradeFred ’ yik'áalil:

TradeFred focuses on trading forex and CFDs. Ku pixiko'ob jump'éel gama úuchuk ti' le mercados asab, yéetel óol 50 incluido ti' le sección FX chéen le pares divisas.
Le meyajta'ale' le koonolo' Forex obviamente nojoch, ka ka' jo'op' u le ts'ono'oto' k'u'ubul spreads jach competitivos, we must point out that TradeFreds spreads are fixed. The maximum possible leverage for forex pairs is 1:50.

The stock section has afantastic executionpaired with great spreads and broad market coverage. The maximum leverage for this product category is only 1:10.
The Indices segment covers markets from 6 continents and also offers competitive spreads. The maximum leverage is also slightly lower in this category: It was set to 1:25.
Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are always popular with traders. At TradeFred, users can trade such metals with good spreads and a maximum leverage of 1:25.

TradeFred platforms:

Like any genuine and reputable brokerage, TradeFred uses MT4 as the centerpiece of its platform offering. The most powerful platform offered by TradeFred is the MT4 Desktop Trader, which comes with the complete suite of MT4 charting solutions and technical analysis tools.

Diagrams can be displayed with an impressive range of timeframes, can be customized, and graph templates can be saved so traders can reuse them later. As for the technical analysis, about 50 indicators are pre-installed with the platform. Je'ele', traders can choose to install even more indicators that they buy or buy for free. Users can also create their own indicators.

One of MT4’s strengths lies in the EAs (Expert Advisors) that traders can use for automatic trading. Beey xan, TradeFreds MT4 enables the trading of Forex and CFDs on the same screen and also provides expert customer care as access to expert market analysis and educational materials.

MT4 u descargar u gratuitamente tak le ts'ono'oto' web TradeFred.

Tipos ba'ax menta'abij TradeFred:

TradeFred k'u'ubul jump'éel yilaje' demo práctica ba'ax ku cha'ik u le operadores ti' le plataforma jump'éel paache' libre ku prueba. Le yilaje' demo analte'obo' yaan $ 10,000 tu fondos virtuales yéetel Jun múuch' xooko'obo' xook. Le yilaje' je'el u páajtal u utilizada utia'al u 14 k'iino'ob, túun chéen caduca.

Le yilaje' yanak u páajtal u le utsil opción utia'al u principiantes. U ye'esik úuch chen ba'ax k'a'abet ti' le yilaje' jach chéen $ 260 yéetel u apalancamiento máximo 1:50. Le yilaje' yaan jump'éel administrador dedicado bey bey jump'éel retiro k'iin u negocios.

The standard account is also accessible to most traders, beginners and advanced users. The minimum deposit required is $ 500, and the maximum leverage is also 1:50. The only additional feature the Standard account has over Basic is the market analysis it offers.

The extended account requires a minimum deposit of $ 1,000. The trading conditions are those mentioned above, but the account also contains trading signals that are delivered directly to the mobile phones of the merchants.

With a minimum deposit of $ 5,000, the game for the pro account is out of reach of merchants. Market analysis helps customers who fall into this category of account, and spreads are lower for pro-account traders.

The premium account is at the top of the board: the minimum deposit is $ 10,000. While the trading conditions are largely the same as above, this account is essentially a zero-swap account.

TradeFred Video Review

tradefred video review

TradeFred is proud to operate the world’s leading investment platformMetaTrader 4. In this video, we will explain how to use the platform and the basic features that are available.

How to use the MT4 trading platform


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