Crypto Adolescents

Popularity cryptocurrencies, has reached such scales, that only very lazy or very cautious bypass this sphere the party. It turns out that boldness and perseverance is shown not only by traders and investors with tens of years of trading experience on exchanges, but also by ordinary teenagers.

Le paalalo'obo' modernos síijo'ob ti' le era digital, Táan rodeados ti' tuláakal bin yano'ob gadgets tak le infancia, yéetel ku káajal le a t'aani' yéetel le computadoras bey ma' le yáax máako'ob síinajo'obo'. Tak jach temprana ts'o'oka'an, Yaan ti' le kúuchil meyajo'ob yaan comunicación ma' j-soñadas tumen yáax máako'ob síinajo'obo'. Tune', representantes le generación Z entrenan asab séeb yéetel sensación asab orgánicos tu yóok'ol kaabe' le tecnologías modernas.

Erik u Finman, juntúul le xi'ipalalo'obo' asab exitosos ti' le jach yáax cryptocurrency, Ti' 12 years felt the prospects of bitcoin. For 6 ja'abo'ob, he brought his digital status to 400 odd bitcoins, which is more than 4 million in dollar equivalent at the current rate. And it all began in 2011 yéetel $ 1000 saved on dinners and birthday presents. Bitcoin was then worth $ 12.

Tuméen 2013, bitcoin had grown so much that the sold assets of Eric were enough to launch a service to search for teachers of Botangle, which he also later sold for bitcoins. The young crypto-enthusiast is not going to stop there, in his opinion, bitcoin retains investment appeal, and its value can reach a million dollars. The young millionaire also believes that the modern education system is archaic, and YouTube and Wikipedia can teach much more. He even argued with his parents that he would not go to university if he could earn a million dollars before reaching adulthood. Not a bad lesson for the modern generation?

Je'ele', Eric Finman is not the only example of a teenager keen on cryptocurrencies. His mainrivalis Eddy Zillan, who first became interested in crypto-active people at the age of 15. It’s too young to start a Coinbase account, but Eddy did not stop it and he found a way around the site rules. The first thing he did was buy Ethereum for $ 100. It is worth noting that then there were not hundreds of bloggers and magazines, no one could teach how to act properly. Despite this, the boy earned the first $ 10 for a couple of hours. This could not fail to hit him, because 10% in a few hoursexcellent growth. Later he invested about $ 12 thousand in the crypt. For a year they grew to $ 350 thousand. Now Zillan is 18 years old, Leti' yaanti' ku 30 cartera asab $ 1 millones yéetel le balts'amo'ob ti' u kajnáalo'ob consultoría financiera firme Cryptocurrency.

Uláak' “Cryptoteenager” – Andrew Cory, 11-ja'aba', alumno u páajtalil 6 logró ts'íib yóok'ol múul Bitcoin áanalte', ti' le tu refleja u visión le esencia cryptocurrency yéetel blockchain. Le áanalte'o' u, Míin le experto asab táankelem ti' kryptovlyutam páajtal u páajtal u manik ti' Amazon. Le u ma'alo'obile', Je'ele', Táan destinada chuunil laat'a'an le paalalo'obo', Ba'ax, Ba'ale', Ma' desmerece u ka'. Andrew u ts'o'ok, u acuerdo ti' u, juntúul modesto 0.02 bitcoins.

There are young crypto-enthusiasts andbad guys”. Tune', the Bitcoin Platinum, many misleading, was launched by a juvenile fraudster. Ba'ale', the public paid attention to it in time, and he had to admit to the unfairness of the project. According to him, he planned to collect only $ 5,000.

Obviously, in the future the demand for specialists in the field of digital economy will only grow. And the proposal, by all accounts, is not going to lag behind either.

Crypto Adolescents


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