Ua faatupu te rorouira tahito o te Blockstream i te supercomputer i nia i te blockchain

Matini i te nahoa taata

Ben Gorlick and Johnny Dilly left the Blockstream team of developers to work on their own project of the decentralized cloud computer Matini i te nahoa taata. Gorlick, e te faatere no te faatereraa i te matini, e te Dilli, e te upoo faatere no te faanahoraa a to.

Te tiaturi nei te rorouira, te ata computing i te mau hinaaro e te mau haamaitairaa, e te horoa nei te matini o te nahoa taata i te ravea no te blockchain. E rave i te matini roro uira te mau ata decentralized i te faanahoraa no te hamani i te mau faaohiparaa i nia i te te blocker vitiviti e te cheaper: “Eaha ta tatou e rave i te ohipa i nia i te reira e taui te mau ture na roto i te reira te faanahoraa o te faatupu e horo,” Gorlick i te parau i roto i te hoe aparauraa e te Coindesk.

Matini i te nahoa taata

Te opuaraa o te mau pupu e rave rahi mau i nia i te tabula o te moni 500 mau pupu, mai te GE e himene. I te taime mau, developers are testing the system in application to the blockade Ethereum.

As a former member of Blockstream, Ben Gorlik sees the problem with the fact that it’s very difficult to use blockchains machines to create further products based on them. Describing the principle of the new system, he cites an application-calendar. Usually it is built on a cloud platform such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services. But every time a user is active, a fee is charged from the developer. Gorlick believes that this system is abottleneck”, which leads to high costs.

The effectiveness of Crowd Machine is due to the fact that any user activity is broken into many parts and then redirected to the network of devices, each of which is engaged in their processing. E no reira, te faaohiparaa i haamata e na te reira e tei i te faanahoraa o te, Tera ra, e e taamu i te horoa i te hoe.

Atoa, e nehenehe i te farii i te hoe utua no te launching i te faanahoraa i nia i te mau huru atoa o te mau e no te faaohiparaa: laptops, ravea e tae noatu i te mau “Tahua itenati no te mau mea”. Faaohipa i te matini roro uira i te manao no te hoe “federation puai”, Ua hamanihia te Gorlick e te Dilly i roto i te Blockstream. No to reira, e vakatulewa te nodes i te numera-maitai-hia.

I te taime hoe, ananahi niuhia i nia i te matini o te nahoa taata no te faaohiparaa i te rorouira, eiaha no te ite no nia i te faanahoraa a: Crowd App Studio allows you to create applications using the video interface in drag-and-drop mode.

Writing a smart contract sounds frightening. We need to remove barriers”, Ben Gorlick believes.

No reira, to create smart contracts Ethereum you can without knowledge of the programming language Solidity. And in the future the service will support other programming languages, including Script bitcoin.

Te taata papai: Richard Abermann

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