Crypto News 20.10.2018

Ticketmaster acquires blockchain i te fifi

Ticketmaster, o te ao nei rahi roa ae i nia ticketing makete, has acquired Upgraded, a blockchain-based live events firm. Upgraded turns traditional tickets into digital assets that are entered on the blockchain, protecting fans against fraud and giving creators more control and visibility over distribution. By managing the ticketing supply chain, Ticketmaster can also stop on ticket resellers who buy in bulk and then jack up prices.

Crypto News 20.10.2018

Tauyavutaka faaapihia e CEO Sandy Khaund te parau «Ticketmaster o te tia faatere o te tumu i te taʻitaʻihia i roto i te ohipa tia i te ticketing e te paepae maitai roa no tatou no te faatupu i te taa i te parau fafau no te blockchain i te milioni taata o te turu. Upgraded leverages blockchain to maximize trust for ticket holders, a horoa i te mana e te ohie i te mea e vai ra i te Fatu, e te mau parau no te mau pupu e te pueraa taata.» Te matahiti i mairi, Fatata roa te hoo Ticketmaster 500 te mau titeti milioni, farii i te $2.1 billion i roto i te moni.

AML watchdog rahi no te haamau i te cryptocurrency i te mau ture na roto i te avae tiunu 2019

E i te rahi o te watchdog no te laundering te moni i nia i te mau ture matamua i nia i te hioraa i te mau cryptocurrencies na roto i te avae tiunu, te taahiraa rahi ki na i te hamani i te mau ture na te ao nei no nia i te api i raro ae i teie taime i te mau faatureraa patchy.

The Paris-based Financial Action Task Force said on Friday jurisdictions worldwide will be required to license or regulate cryptocurrency exchanges and some firms providing encrypted wallets, to help stamp out the use of digital money for money laundering, terrorism financing or other crimes. The task force’s President Marshall Billingslea said “By June, we will issue additional instructions on the standards and how we expect them to be enforced.

Bitcoin & blockchain jobs in the US are surging

The US jobs boom, e ua ite oia i te hoe papaa parau 7 te tiaraa unfilled milioni i roto i te avae atete, o te hoe 300% faarahi i te numera o te mau ohipa i nia i te Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, e te blockchain i te hopea 12 avae, me vaka na te maimiraa i te api i te ohipa nia i te itenati Glassdoor. Mai te avae atete 2018, te vai ra 1,775 Bitcoin e parahiraa vata i te tahi i te blockchain i te ohipa i roto i te fenua MARITE — na nia i te 693 i te omuaraa o te matahiti e te 446 i teie taime i te matahiti i mairi aenei.

“Te blockchain ohipa matete au e primed i te tamau noa i te reira i te tupuraa vitiviti i roto i te” te mau parau api parau. Ua heheu mai i teie parau titorotororaa te faanahoraa engineers Bitcoin e blockchain e te rahi roa ae i roto i te titau, followed by other technical roles such as product manager and technology architect. In conclusion, Bitcoin jobs are climbing.

Square launchesTerminalto rival keypad credit card machines

Square unveiled a device that competes with keypad-based credit-card machines, part of the payment company’s broader effort to attract new merchants. The product, called Square Terminal, lets sellers ring up sales, process any type of payment and print receipts from one device. It is also referred to as afuturistic cash register.

Te moni hoo $399, e faaue te taiete i te hooraa i te tino moni no te mau aufauraa. E ia hoo api i nia i te discount i nia i te matini. Ua tuati i te vahi tiaʻiraa atoa ia no te faanahoraa o te faatia i te tapura i te reira mau taata hoo, a hamani i te discounts e te tono mai i te invoices.

Crypto News 20.10.2018

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