Crypto News 07.11.2018

Salesforce e tia i te patent ia faaea i te rata uira i te spam i te blockchain

Software giant Salesforce has won a US patent outlining how a blockchain-based platform can be used to prevent spam or other unwanted emails from plaguing peoples inboxes. The proposed platform would use a matching system to determine whether an email being sent is legitimate or not, which it purports as being able to avoid the false positives current spam filters experience.

The patent explains: “The system can also better identify legitimate (wanted) messages and distinguish them from illegitimate (unsolicited) messages. Used properly, the immutability and distributed nature of the blockchain can make it impossible to modify information once it has been committed to the blockchain.

Hackers breach web analytics site to target crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange was the target of hackers who compromised a widely used web analytics platform this week. Security firm ESET said bad actors compromised a popular, Ireland-based web analytics site StatCounter, in an attempt to steal Bitcoin from the exchanges customers. StatCounter is used by more than two million websites, according to its own figures, and it provides statistics on billions of web hits daily.

It is hard to see how many bitcoins have been transferred to the attackersESET researchers say. After being notified by ESET about the breach, announced Wednesday that itimmediately removedthe StatCounter service from its site, and stressed that the users funds aresafe.CoinMarketCap data indicates that is the 38th largest crypto exchange globally by adjusted trading volume.

Crypto friendly candidates elected as Governors of California and Colorado

Te vahi i crypto i oe piti wins rahi i roto i teie maitiraa parau avatea ai e piti crypto hoa tia kovana i California e i Colorado. Gavin Newsom (PH) re 59% o te Choice & sa vakadrukai John Cox (R) no te riro mai i te tavana o te California. Ua i oia i te patururaa papu mau tau no na maehaa i te Winklevoss, Ua horoa o te taatoaraa $116,800 i te tau tei te Newsom i te avae titema 2017.

Ua rave Colorado Jared Polis, wining na roto i te 51.6% na te pupu Republicain Walker Stapleton e ua noa 45%. Ua polis te e nenehene rahi no te teie vahi mai ae 2014. I tona tau tei api i te taatoaraa o te tuhaa no nia i te blockchain, tei reira oia i te parau: «Tau fa, o te haamau i te Colorado ei hoe no te fenua hub no te blockchain ohipa api tei ravehia i roto i te ohipa putu faufaa e te faatereraa hau. «Na kovana farii i te mau o o te Bitcoin.

Crypto News 07.11.2018


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