Blockchain News 21 Tenuare 2018

Pavel Durov asks users to report on scammers that offer to buy supposedly a Cryptocurrency of a messenger. Officially, the company’s ICO has not yet been announced.

Pavel Durov TwitterIf you see or receive offers tobuy Grams”, let us know at

Bitcoin wallet Blockchain now offers cryptocurrency trading in 22 US states

Bitcoin enthusiasts living in the United States have multiple options at their disposal for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Even so, there is still plenty of room for future improvements and competing services.

Blockchain, the renowned Bitcoin wallet provider, has partnered with SFOX to make it more convenient to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Users in over 20 states can use this platform as of right now, which will bring some much-needed competition to the ecosystem.

It is always interesting to see Bitcoin-oriented companies evolve over time. Blockchain started out as a Bitcoin wallet service provider, both for online and mobile users. To keep the momentum going, the company has now partnered with SFOX to let US-based users sell Bitcoin quickly and easily.

New bill introduced in South Korea requires state officials to declare crypto holdings

A bill has been introduced in South Korea to require public officials to declare their investments in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. This initiative follows the recent controversies within the government regarding cryptocurrency regulations, including insider trading and market manipulation.

The bill amends the Public Service Ethics Act to require public officials to declare their cryptocurrency holdings of 10 million won or more (~USD$9,350). If the officials provide false or misleading information regarding their crypto possessions, Chung Dong-yong, a member of the South Korean National Assembly’s Administrative and Security Committee proposed a penalty and disciplinary action, Local News, the Money Today detailed. The Hankyoreh then quoted him saying:

As the government is taking the lead in cryptocurrency regulation, the public sector should take the lead in transparently disclosing the property proliferation through cryptocurrency.

Blockchain News 21 Tenuare 2018

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