Blockchain News 17.10.2018

CME: Average daily volume for Bitcoin futures grew 41% in Q3

Average daily volumes for Bitcoin futures trading saw a significant jump in Q3 compared to the last period, according to CME Group. Average daily volume hit 5,053 contracts in Q3, up 41% no roto mai i 3,577 contracts in Q2. The figure also marks a 170% increase from the first quarter’s 1,854 faaauraa.

CME also provided data on open interest, which represents the total number of unsettled contracts held by those trading in the market. This figure grew from 1,523 contracts in the Q1 to 2,873 contracts in Q3, representing growth from Q2’s 2,405. Atoa, Tim McCourt, CME’s managing director and global head of equity products and alternative investments saidOut of the 40% of Bitcoin futures trading on CME that’s outside the US, 21% are coming from Asia.

BitMEX launches software client to compete with Bitcoin Core

The research arm of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX has announced that it will launch its own Bitcoin software client to compete with reference implementation and industry standard Bitcoin Core. Unveiled this week in a lengthy post discussing the merits of competing software clients, BitMEX Research said that it chose to release its own BTC client to help correct the misunderstanding that open-source software repository Bitcoin Core is in charge of the cryptocurrency’s development and “has the unique capability to change or prevent changes to Bitcoin’s consensus rules.”

BitMEX Research argues, it is users who should be the ones truly in charge of the cryptocurrency’s protocol rules. The group’s new client, named Bitcoin BitMEX Research, aims to reduce the network’s reliance on a single major software repository without introducing new risks to the ecosystem. “Since it is a software fork of Bitcoin Core, it carries none of the risks of not being bug for bug compatible, like Satoshi was concerned about,” the authors wrote. “The BitMEX Research client also doesn’t change Bitcoin’s consensus rules, so the concerns about contentious chainsplits do not apply. No reira, if the Bitcoin Core repository gets hijacked or deleted, the codebase can still improve using the Bitcoin BitMEX Research repository.”

Ua faaara te tia faatere o te CFTC i te feia o te maramarama i te parau faaau i manaohia e

Coders i te maramarama i te parau faaau e nehenehe e tupu e hema mai ratou ma te hinaaro e faaohipa i te aravihi blockchain i te faatupu i te mau ohipa o te reira mai te manaohia “i te tahi ohipa tei tupu,” according to a US regulator. Brian Quintenz, a commissioner at the US Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, explained that blockchain protocols allowindividuals to create their own smart contracts predicting future events more broadlyEssentially, these contracts would allow individuals to bet on the outcome of future events, like sporting events or elections, using digital currency. If your prediction is right, the contract automatically pays you the winnings,” Ua parau oia.

Quintenz went on to add that in hypothetical events of violations, he believes that smart contract coders who build such functionality on top of a blockchain network could potentially be held responsible and be prosecuted. “I think the appropriate question is whether these code developers could reasonably foresee, at the time they created the code, that it would likely be used by US persons in a manner violative of CFTC regulations,” Ua parau oia. Hypothetically, Ua parau oia, the code would have to bespecifically designed to enable the precise type of activity regulated by the CFTC, and no effort was made to preclude its availability to US persons.

Apple pioneer Steve Wozniak has co-founded a blockchain investment firm

Steve Wozniak, the tech entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of Apple, has joined EQUI Global, a venture capital fund built using blockchain technology, as a co-founder. Wozniak said that he will scout for technology companies to find the “tech stars” of the future. Ua parau atoa oia e, ua farii i te ohipa o tamau; Tera ra, teie ia te taime matamua, i muri ae i te mau apara, Ua farii oia i te amui atu i te hoe taiete.

Te afata EQUI «papu» ia faatumu i nia i te taata e ere te institutional i te investors e te tech i te mau pupu, i te hoe noa 20% no te taata e ere i te tech i te mau pupu mai te mau fenua e te faahoturaa faufaa collectibles. Ua parau o Wozniak e tiaturi oia i te ohipa mai te huru e haataupupu i te raveraa i te ohipa VC e EQUI e faatia i te tahi atu mau pupu i te pee i te hioraa api i nia i te mau ravea api no te blockchain.

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Blockchain News 17.10.2018


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