Blockchain News 06.08.2018

Ei mau hoa tauturu te tuhaa fenua Initia i te Mahindra corp. no te patu i te “blockchain mataeinaa”

Tuhaa fenua i te faatereraa hau i roto i te fenua Initia, e rave i te ohipa i te hoe ohipa e a te hau no te patu i te hoe mataeinaa i roto i te oire pu i ia blockchain startups. Te tuhaa faatere no te REIRA no te Telangana tuhaa fenua te hau o te rave i te ohipa i te Mahindra i te Tech, te listed mua i te taata paari i te faatereraa i roto i te fenua Initia, e e ite te piti teaming i patu i te mea e titau ratou, e i te fenua ’ s matamua “blockchain mataeinaa.”

The blockchain district will occupy an area inside Hyderabad – the state’s capital city – with physical buildings to house and incubate blockchain startups from India as part of the government’s push to advance the tech’s development. Both Telangana & the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh are exploring blockchain technology to digitally rework their land registries & have both recently started to develop a blockchain ecosystem.

52 Quintillion per second: Bitcoin hashrate breaks new record

Bitcoin’s network hashrate reached a new record high this week, prompting encouragement from industry commentators as technical support continues to grow exponentially. Data from Blockchain (formerly confirms that the current hashrate has reached 52 quintillion hashes per second.

As a means of comparison, the number of grains of sand on Earth is around 7 quintillion. The Blockchain data confirms a 60% increase in the past three months alone. This marks the first time Bitcoin has reached this threshold in its history.

Thailand’s banks can now open subsidiaries to invest in cryptocurrencies

The Bank of Thailand (BoT), the country’s central bank, reportedly gave all local financial institutions permission to launch subsidiaries for investing in cryptocurrencies that may also offer brokerage services to crypto dealers. Thailand’s banks will now be able to offer brokerage services to crypto-related companies, invest in crypto and blockchain startups, or even operate their own crypto business, according to a recent announcement by the BoT.

However local banks and their licensed subsidiaries are also not allowed to buy, hoo, or trade cryptocurrencies on behalf of their customers. Atoa, Thailand’s banks may only work with crypto firms regulated by the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission (Thailand’s SEC) and the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). Te auraa ra, independent digital currency exchanges can be legally established in Thailand after completing a registration process. Based on these developments, it appears authorities in Thailand are receptive to the evolving cryptocurrency market.

Second largest German stock exchange announces “end-to-end” cryptocurrency infrastructure

After creating the BISON crypto-trading app, the second-largest stock exchange in Germany continues to embrace cryptocurrency with its most recent initiative. Boerse Stuttgart is creating a trading venue, and custody, for cryptocurrencies and related services & Ua faaara-«Boerse Stuttgart pupu o te hamani i te hoe paturaa hopea, i te pae hopea no te mau faufaa. I muri ae i te haamataraa o te cryptocurrency trading na roto i te BISON, Aita i maoro ua vai… te multilateral trading venue no te cryptocurrencies mai te mau ravea no te paruru i te tiaauraa.”

Te faanahoraa no te BISON gauna au sa no te haamauraa i teie tau haapoheraa raau e faaohie i roto i te matete e e faatia i te tiama e te parururaa i trading o te cryptocurrencies, te reira te faanahoraa matamua i roto i te ao nei ia faaorahia na roto i te haere na te. I te haamataraa, e tauturu te faanahoraa i te BTC, LTC & ia vetahi e. The trading venue for digital assets like BTC will comprise an aspect of the end-to-end infrastructure. CEO of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH, Alexander Höptner said “We are responding to demand from both retail and institutional investors for a regulated and reliable environment for trading with cryptocurrencies.The custody services will include differentiated safety concepts for digital assets and will already be available with the launch of the BISON trading app.

Blockchain News 06.08.2018

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