E aha cryptocurrency e investors i te haamata i te hoo, e i te hoe taata no te?

Te hopea no me e maere i te raveraa i te ohipa crypto i te hoe hau rahi e te bearish i nia i te. I roto i te trimester hopea no me, te cryptocurrency i nia te 25 ua faaite i te hoe taata ino. No reira, no me. 22, bitcoin e ua topa i raro nei $ 8000 no te taime matamua mai te avae eperera 18. Etera e te Bitcoin moni oto roa 14% i roto i te hepetoma, EOS – na roto i te 6%, e te XRP – na roto i te 8.5%. Te hoe noa taata te hepetoma e o te TRON (TRX), o te faaite mai i te hoe mea rahi i roto i te mau faahitiraa parau.

Parau faatia no te investors no te Cryptocurrency

Te peu a te hoe o te tapao tumu matete – te faito o te piti o te cryptocurrency no te Ethereum e te Bitcoin – Ua taui atoa i te hoe roa. Na roto i te reira, tahi atu Altcoins, i nia i te blockchain no te Ethereum e te, no reira, partly dependent on its position, may fall sharply if the bitcoin rate continues to decline. I te taime hoe, the cumulative cryptocurrencies market capitalization decreased to $ 322.5 billion, sagging by 14% compared to the second trimester of May.

What should traders do in the market, which turned out to be bearish paws? Aita i maoro aenei, venture investors are already pretty skilled in the issues of cryptocurrencies and are already strongly advising traders what to buy, what to keep and what to sell. Although in January this trend among large fiat investors was not so obvious.

Parau faatia no te investors no te Cryptocurrency

Ei hioraa, Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, believes that the current situation on the exchanges is beneficial for a successful purchase. “Since bitcoin has recently been used more and more often and it still has many institutional interests, it is worth investing in it. All the big banks are trying to work with him, offer their clients. Some open trading platforms. A deeper institutionalization of bitcoin is generally positive, “the speaker said.

Despite the descending dynamics of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bogart is very bullish about his future. “Can bitcoin be cheaper? Certainly. But do I think that in a year his course will be higher? Absolutely sure, “- he explained in an interview for CNBC.


Positive forecasts, Tera ra, do not apply to altcoins. “Many cryptocurrencies are overvalued and unreliable. There is a chance that they willshoot”, but they have many obstacles for this, “Bogart said.

Another venture investor recommends taking a closer look at Cardano (O ADA), TRON (TRX), IOTA (MIOTA) e te FAAORA (FAAORA).

Te vahi, haamori te Ethereum Spencer Bogart, e ra e te haapao maitai. “Te ohipa o te, there’s a lot of ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. E, e aita i ite eaha te tupu i teie mau opuaraa, e nahea teie e tupu mai ia te airing te haapiiraa Ethereum,” Ua parau oia. “I nia i te tahi atu rima, Ua mau i roto i te pute o te huru rahi o te feia hauti ei Ripple, Bitcoin i te moni e te EOS.”

Tahi atu mau maona crypto e faaite atoa ra i te haapao maitai i te forecasts. “Eaha te mea e e rave i nia i te hoe peu bearish, o te, i roto i te ravea ia parau, e, e ore ia e ua haamauhia na roto i te mau mea atoa? It is definitely not worth buying cryptocurrency in speculative order. If you are going to take something for six months or a year, then do not take anything. If you are already sitting in a long-term portfolio strategy, then hold, because on a short-term trend it is unclear whether it will be possible to jump out and jump again at a more favorable price. Selling only makes sense if you are a professional trader. But even they can trade, i roto i te parau mau, only on technical rebounds, so in any case it is better to keep their assets. I roto i te, my recommendation is to pay attention to altcoins with low capitalization, because the market is now settling down, and the altcoins after the bitcoin are sinking at times more.

What to do in conditions of a recession in the market, Ua faaoti te trader iana iho. Te ohipa faufaa roa ae, o te hamani i to outou cryptocurrency hooraa-maitai-hia e o te ore e panic mai te mea e vai ra te mau fluctuations i roto i te matete. I nia ihoa ra i te mau volatile ei cryptocurrency.

Parau faatia no te investors no te Cryptocurrency


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