Crypto News 23.10.2018

A P2P blockchain energy startup wins millions in Richard Bransons tech competition

Power Ledger, a company from Perth that uses an energy network based entirely on blockchain technology, was the victor of the event held on the billionaire entrepreneurs Caribbean island. “Its validation that what were doing is meaningful and people see extraordinary value in the potential for how we can make renewables a bigger part of the energy systemthe winning team said.

Power Ledger uses Blockchain technology to offer low-cost, renewable electricity sources to its customers through peer-to-peer trading, rather than major power providers. Joint founder Dave Martin said “Were now running a microgrid with partners in Bangkok, were looking at developing a virtual power plant. For us it was around demonstrating how our technology could be used to resolve real world problems both in developing economies as well as in first world economies.”

NYSE owners Bitcoin futures market opens December 12th

Bakkt Bitcoin daily futures contracts will officially begin trading on December 12th, 2018, according to an announcement from the owner of the New York Stock Exchange. In addition to offering Bitcoin futures, CEO Kelly Loeffler says Bakkts infrastructure offers solutions for buying, selling, fakatolonga mo fakamoleki 'a e ngaahi koloa fakataua faka'ilekitulonika.

Na'e pehe ange 'a e CEO “'Oku langa 'a e makatu'unga 'i he "e sivisivi'i, maketi kaha'u fakalao ia kuo fakalakalaka maketi 'o kamata pe mei he kofi ke koula 'i ha ngaahi ta'u 'e laungeau. 'Oku tau to'o 'a e ha ngaahi founga ke fakakau mai 'i he funga 'o e ngaahi kautaha 'i he'etau kamata 'a e sivi mo e talitali 'i Novema ma'a, pea ko hono fetongi 'aki mo warehousing 'i Tisema."

Binance ma'u e fakapa'anga mei Singapoa ’ s pule'anga

Singapore’s state investment firm is investing in the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Operated by the government of Singapore – the fund has made a strategic investment in Binance and will work with the exchange to create Binance Singapore, a fiat-to-crypto exchange.

Joo Hock Chua, Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India’s managing partner saidWe look forward to working with Changpeng Zhao and his team to drive innovation in the space while building a sustainable and compliant platform in Singapore.

Mobile payment startup Square open sources its Bitcoin cold storage

Mobile payments startup Square is making its Bitcoin cold storage solution open source. Alok Menghrajani, a security engineer at Square, said the documentation, code, and tools of the company’s Subzero Bitcoin cold storage solution are now publicly available on Github. Subzero is the same technology Square has been using to store encrypted keys for its other payments services.

Menghrajani said Subzero isprogrammable” & that it can send Bitcoin from a hot wallet to the cold storage at any time. When doing the opposite, Ka neongo ia, the program requires multi-party signatures to initiate a transaction to bring Bitcoin storage from offline to online. Square, founded by the co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, operates Bitcoin trading in all 50 states in the US.

Kraken faka'aho maketi lipooti ma'a e 22.10.2018


$41.6M fakafetongi 'i he funga 'o e maketi kotoa pe he 'aho ni

Crypto News 23.10.2018


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