What cryptocurrency are investors advised to sell, pea ko e fe ha taha ke tauhi?

The end of May puzzled the crypto industry with a notable bearish coup on the exchange. In the last trimester of May, the TOP-25 cryptocurrency showed a noticeable decline. Ko ia, on May 22, bitcoin fell below $ 8000 for the first time since April 18. Ether and Bitcoin Cash sank 14% in a week, EOS – 'e 6%, and XRP – 'e 8.5%. The only winner that week was TRON (TRX), which reported a slight increase in its quotes.

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The trend of one of the main market markersthe ratio of the cryptocurrency pair of Ethereum and Bitcoinalso changed to a downward one. Because of this, other Altcoins, makatu'unga 'i he blockchain 'o e Ethereum mo e, ko ia, konga makatu'unga ia 'i hono tu'unga, 'e lava ke nau hinga valokia kapau 'e hokohoko atu 'a e vave 'o e bitcoin ke fakasitu'a'i. 'I he taimi tatau pe, 'oku tu'uaki atu e cryptocurrencies fakakatoa fakamata'itohi lahi holo ke $ 322.5 billion, ngatotoo 'aki 14% Fakatatau ki he trimester hono ua 'o Me.

Ko e ha 'oku totonu ke fai 'e he kau fefakatau'aki 'i he maketi, 'a ia ne hoko ke hoko ko ha paws bearish? Kimui ni mai, kau 'inivesitoa Venisula kuo 'osi taukei 'aupito 'i he ngaahi makasini 'o e cryptocurrencies pea 'oku nau malohi 'osi fale'i kau fefakatau'aki 'a e me'a ki he fakatau, Ko e me'a ke tauhi ai mo e me'a ke fakatau atu. Although in January this trend among large fiat investors was not so obvious.

Cryptocurrency investors recommend

Hange ko 'eni, Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, believes that the current situation on the exchanges is beneficial for a successful purchase. “Talu mei he bitcoin kuo toki ngaue'aki fa'a lahi ange pea 'oku kei tokolahi ha me'a 'oku mahu'inga'ia ai fakatokolahi, 'Oku mahu'inga hono fakahu ai. 'Oku feinga 'a e ngaahi pangike lahi kotoa pe ke ngaue mo ia, 'oatu 'enau tu'uaki. Ko e ni'ihi fakaava 'a e ngaahi tui fefakatau'aki. 'Oku meimei ke lelei ha loloto ange 'o e institutionalization 'o e bitcoin, “Na'e pehe 'e he tokotaha lea.

Neongo 'a e nota 'alu hifo 'a e mamani ’ cryptocurrency 'uluaki s, 'Oku bullish 'aupito fekau'aki mo hono kaha'u 'a e Bogart. “'E lava ke ma'ama'a nai bitcoin? Ko e mo'oni. Ka 'oku ou fakakaukau atu 'i ha ta'u 'e taha hono hala 'e ma'olunga ange? Pau, “- he explained in an interview for CNBC.


Positive forecasts, Ka neongo ia, do not apply to altcoins. “Many cryptocurrencies are overvalued and unreliable. There is a chance that they willshoot”, but they have many obstacles for this, “Bogart said.

Another venture investor recommends taking a closer look at Cardano (ADA), TRON (TRX), IOTA (MIOTA) and NEO (NEO).

Interestingly, as for the Ethereum Spencer Bogart is rather cautious. “The thing is, there’s a lot of ICO on the Ethereum blockchain. It is not known what will happen to these projects and how this will affect the airing Ethereum course,” he commented. “On the other hand, I would hold in the purse of such big players as Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and EOS.

Other crypto enthusiasts also express rather cautious forecasts. “What to do on a bearish trend, which, in the medium term, is not confirmed by anything? It is definitely not worth buying cryptocurrency in speculative order. If you are going to take something for six months or a year, then do not take anything. If you are already sitting in a long-term portfolio strategy, then hold, because on a short-term trend it is unclear whether it will be possible to jump out and jump again at a more favorable price. Selling only makes sense if you are a professional trader. But even they can trade, Ko hono mo'oni, only on technical rebounds, so in any case it is better to keep their assets. In general, my recommendation is to pay attention to altcoins with low capitalization, because the market is now settling down, and the altcoins after the bitcoin are sinking at times more.

What to do in conditions of a recession in the market, each trader decides for himself. The most important thing is to correctly form your cryptocurrency portfolio and not panic if there are fluctuations in the market. Especially on such volatile as cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency investors recommend


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