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  1. I dunno this has never happened before. All my bullish ideas are thrown out the window after this. Back to the drawing board.

  2. i think all the TA now doesn’t matter. this is a BLACK SWAN.
    Stay safe guys, here in Italy we are living a nightmare

  3. โ€œI watched it in real timeโ€

    But also:

    โ€œI didnโ€™t have WiFi so I couldnโ€™t update you because I was traveling.โ€

    Which one is it bro?

  4. I watched the initial dump in real time, it was hopping up and down rapidly $100-200 per second.

  5. @G. Meza I have already bought all I needed to buy back in 2016. But you go right ahead.

  6. Yeah bro. And I shorted like no tomorrow. It was an insane ride. And then I longed from the bottom. And I also had my trigger on buy at Coinbase to get more BTC on the cheap when it hit the bottom. Happy times:)

  7. Is there a video where you said that Bitcoin would crash at the beginning of a crisis, before this happened? Because nobody said that, everybody said it would moon when the crisis came

  8. It’s whatever. It wasn’t hard to understand what you meant. When you travel sometimes you have wifi for only a few moments then the next minute you get disconnected. Some folks just like to nitpick.

  9. Some people are just conflicted. No point in trying to explain anything to them. Their only purpose is to rob everyone else of their serenity, because they’re incapable of finding serenity themselves.

  10. @Alexander Supertramp We all lost money mate. Its not like I value my BTC at what I bought it for. I value it same as everyone else what its worth today. If the 200MA can hold it will be ok if not goblin town.

  11. Carl you have been wishing for the financial crisis for as long as I can remember saying that when it comes Btc will be the “safe haven”. Well your dream came true but not the second part . It is because same financial people are playing with bitcoin all along so weather decentralised or printing money its all the same.

  12. This was the final washout.
    Now they’re going to pump the heck out of it to make it look like a safe haven.
    Great video!

  13. BTC and LTC did not go down as far as it did last time… and omg i got to buy BTC for less then 5k per coin… look at this as a second chance. prepare for massive gains coming soon.

  14. BTC can return to $ 8000 in a short time, then BTC is “better than” Oil, Forex, Stock S&P500 or Gold. Oil, Forex GBPUSD, S&P500 and Gold also Fall, this is a TEST for BTC, which is superior, BTC or Oil or Forex or Stock Market or Gold?
    If all panic, it’s time to STRONG BUY ..!

  15. LOOK AT TRADE ON BITFINEX = VERY VERY STRONG BUY…! BUY or LATE..! Go To ABOVE $ 8000..! Just $ 2000 again = BTC THE WINNER..!

  16. Ya there’s no way the banks aren’t manipulating this. They dumped and now they will pump. It’s free money for them.

  17. yeah i was lucky to see it also…It was epic i was like WTF… swing trading that day would have been some ride…

  18. Look at this, the gold was hit again to almost 1500 USD/oz. At this specific moment, it’s more correlated to Stocks than BTC ;D. There are no panic immune assets at this time..

  19. Si what happen with all that talk about BTC being a hedge? People while always revert to cash and so should tell you something.

  20. “The only thing that went down was the price.” ๐Ÿ‘ For those that have fiat to spend, this is an awesome opportunity.

  21. In all fairness just so you know that Iโ€™m not some bot or spam. You are accurate in your TA โ€œoccasionallyโ€. Iโ€™d say a 2/10 ratio respectively.

  22. Bitcoin having plunged to as low as $3.8k should not be a cause for alarm even though it temporally recovered by 2k before plunging again. This may seem like a disaster for a lot of holders but to me and so many as well, it is a blessing in disguise. Its an opportunity to pile up on bitcoins and also a chance to even put more crypto into trading. I was able to trade just about 4 btc during the last dip to over 12 btc which was possible because I had the idea what to do and because I traded using Wallace Houteโ€™s trade signals which have turned up to be the most accurate I have ever subscribed to. He is a genius trader and is always offering a helping hand to me whenever I require it. Wallace can be reached via WhatsAap *(+44 7727427929)* or Telrgram *(wallhoute)* for inquiries about his trading service

  23. My experience so far with Wallace Houte has been very productive. Kudos to him and I hope he keeps providing these signals. I am so grateful to him and also to my in-law who introduced me to him

  24. 8 btc and still counting in just 2 months. Wallace is the trade king as far as I am concerned

  25. As a matter of fact, I am very impressed with Wallace. I have not started trading with his help yet but my discussion with him shed enough light on how experienced he is. Hopefully will be reaping same benefit of his signals once I get back from my expedition

  26. His technical analysis is dope and his interpretation/projections of the market is so accurate I sometimes ask myself if he is human haha. Point is, Wallace is the perfect trader to follow for advise and daily signals

  27. @Chief Crypto First of all, it is clear you have no understanding of statistical data or you’d know that it is all but a cold. Also, I can most probably handle it, my parents and my 96 yo grandma not so much, so no way I get them infected. That’s what a man would do, take care of family, “man up”…

  28. @Elektrotechnik TM ……they are panicing for nothing it is just a cold ….they want us to spend all the fiat….

  29. I sold my old car today to buy btc, there is blood in the streets so you know what to do!

  30. Lambdacode your a sucker dude. Main stream media has you by the balls. The flu kills 30 million annually… this is laughable in comparison to a mundane illness we are already accustomed too. Yeah lets just stock up on water and food because the worlds ending. Yeah like I said lets man up, and get some perspective.

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