WTF?! Bitmex Manipulation?? Price Spike At This Critical Point! | Stock Market Bubble Record


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Was the Bitcoin price manipulated by Bitmex? There are some things that look weird in the Bitcoin chart when factoring in the Bitmex maintenance time. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction and analyze the Bitmex and Bitcoin correlation. Also, I'll show you how to get a Bitmex account for shorting Bitcoin on leverage. If you want 10% off the fees on Bitmex, just use my affiliate link. Also, is the stock market in a bubble? Well, it's the longest stock market bull run in history. Learn more by watching this video!

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0:59 Bitmex Bitcoin Manipulation?
4:18 Resistance & Fibonacci
5:36 Short Squeeze
7:49 EMA Ribbon
9:52 Bitmex Trading
13:16 Stock Market Bubble Record

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WTF?! Bitmex Manipulation?? Price Spike At This Critical Point! | Stock Market Bubble Record

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  1. Crypto is getting so annoying! 🙄 then they wonder why ETFs are getting pushed back! Seems like its pretty obvious that The entire market is rigged lol carl please upload that shorting video really looking forward to it buddy! Tnx for all your help! Ur the best💯

  2. If you think that sounds interesting, you should definatelykepwthsnvideoo *EYE ZOOM*

  3. Everything about financial system is a scam, the more you learn about the better you are placed to take advantage and protect yourself…
    Thanks for your teaching carl

  4. IMO this is manipulated to avoid the price falling below $5800 after the ETF rejection tomorrow. Either that, or there are people out there who know something we dont know..(meaning the ETF approval).

  5. Great content as usual. Everyone in crypto should watch your videos. Straight to the point and no selling me some sort of training program. Definitely do a short long video on Bitmex please. Thanks Carl! Keep it up.

  6. Maybe just coincidence or Bitmex just have one big whale buyer who want stable price in moment of buying. Like I said before DEX is only solution against manipulation for all types of exchanges Crypto, Gold, Forex, Stocks…

  7. Tether send yesterday 100mill newly printed Tethers out of the air to Bitfinex! They knowed Bitmex will have maintaince so they waited and at the time of maintaince, Tether Pumps the price of Bitcoin on Bitfinex and Binance etc

  8. This BS has convinced me to stop trading. I’m just going to wait on the sidelines to buy more if it gets cheaper.

  9. I wouldnt be surprised if it was approved as most ppl are expecting the opposite. If so then expect a pump near the realease time as for sure its all insider trading.

  10. ‘western’ govts do not include housing costs in their “measurement” of inflation. fake as trump’s tan.

  11. Every pump and dump start at 00:00, just go to 4h timeframe (for a long time) and whatch the fuking manipulation. You will be surprised how the chart looks like

  12. Here on Youtube I just follow you and another guy. Your knowledge is precious, Carl. Thanks for sharing it.
    May I ask you if one of these days you can talk about Europe, the debt there and how rating agencies influence government’s politics. E.g. The gap between Italian and German bonds.

    Also, Do you think that the imminent economical crash will hurt the cryptocurrency market or will be an opportunity for its growth? Keep up the good work!

  13. Let’s hope Trump let the Fed raises the interest rate to cooldown the biggest economy as long markets are fitting in the tightnings organically. Debtors of the US may in bigger trouble than the US because of the rising DXY. A big ‘short squeeze’ of debts& commodities may lead to pump up DXY. The flux of money into the US markets may incentivize to build or expand companies in the US without QE. The DXY was falling between 2001-2007, whereas it is now trying to pump to previous all time highs.

  14. Wish we didn’t have to wait for TOMORROW for another video. Why can’t you just keep on talking forever?

  15. So let’s say I sell now – at a loss even. Then the ETF is rejected and goes lower. It means I saved a ton of money, so even if I had to pay a little for it, it’s still better than losing even more.
    OK, so that’s well and good. But say it goes up? Did I just lose a ton of money?
    No. I just got confirmation that the VanEck/SolidX ETF is much more likely to become approved. So I’ll just calmly buy back in and watch my profits grow.
    To me this is merely an insurance fee. Not advice, ofc, just what I would do personally.

  16. I personally dont think any etf will be approved in the near future. Look at how easy it is for the biggest exchange to manipulate the market during “maintenance”. No way

  17. Nothing wierd price movement on buttmex always hits my liquidation or stop loss on point and imidiately going back to where it was before

  18. If you think that sounds interesting, then I think you should definitely keep watching this video (Diagonal zoom to left eye)..And we will :-). Congrates on crossing 20k subs crushing Carl. Keep in mind that as your subscribership grows, that there are a lot of haters. You may want to consider adding a disclaimer to your videos.
    Tremendous props to you for covering the debt issues. I think the entire American lifestyle is built on borrowed money and I agree that at some point we will pay for it. We will see you tooommmooorrooww 🙂

  19. Thanks for the great content, I’m a regular watcher.
    I’m looking to learn TA. Any recommendations as to where I could start?

  20. Yep… It’s all manipulation. Think about this…. the actual amount of money in this market can be measured by deviding the total market cap by 50. That means there is just 4 billion $ of real money in the whole market. Of which + 2 billion $ are fake tethers. This market will crash down so hard if this gets exposed

  21. I ”am in Tether until the (reject) ETF news tomorrow, after that buy back cheaper…i hope so..I do the same on 31-9

  22. +Mark Hendriks help me out here. Why divide by fifty? Only 2 percent is in circulation? And also, how did tether pump the price? by dumping the 100mil on the exchanges causing the price to go up while no one could cover their shorts on bitmex? I’m not very knowledgeable about tether or shorting for that matter.

    If it’s easier I’m on Insta @johnpangourelias

  23. Where to then? There are no perfect exchanges right now for trading. They are all a little sketchy 😞🌙

  24. Do you have a theory how it’s rigged exactly? The reason why the price went up is because most traders use bitmex and when you take the greedy vulture traders out of the mix for a short time, the price goes up because all you would have are the holders. The traders are the real problem!

  25. The reason why the price went up is because most traders use bitmex and when you take the greedy vulture scum traders out of the mix for a short time, the price goes up because all you would have are the holders. The traders are the ones manipulating the markets, it’s obvious!

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