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This Bitcoin technical analysis shows a historical Bitcoin pump within 20 weeks! Watch the video to see why!
BITCOIN TODAY: In this video, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your own Bitcoin trading or investing, but is NOT financial advice. On this channel, The Moon, I make 1 video every single day about crypto news & Bitcoin. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, to make a Bitcoin price prediction, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & trading. Please subscribe if you are a Bitcoin hodler, and leave a thumbs up to support my free videos!

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1:11 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
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5:34 Bitcoin Price Analysis
6:30 Hashrate ATH

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DISCLAIMER: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, and 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!



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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)


StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. When thing that will happen is when it does meet all time history highs, it will get a lot of attention from the masses, so just be careful… I am talking 20k. That’s when people will take it seriously

  2. Tomorrow on The Moon – “Warning To All Bitcoin Holders! Bitcoin Going To Crash!!!”

  3. He missed something, the trend is your friend until it ends, so you expect the bull after 13 years to continue, bull run end

  4. okex banned withdraw… founder is being investigated by China official, maybe he has already in prison. I will never withdraw my money from his exchange. 🙁

  5. 2 cycles is not enough data to predict the 3rd cycle will lengthen. Be prepared for either possibility

  6. Carl, I’m finally abandoning YouTube. My morals no longer allow me to tolerate the platform. Where can I see your videos instead, please?

  7. Are you aware that in Thailand the government is giving the citizens money. Once they have downloaded an app (wallet) which they can then spend in certain stores.
    Surely this proves digital currencies are coming.
    What kind of affect do you think this will have on bitcoin?

  8. No the only gap that matters is….ah…you can probably guess where I was going to go with that, you know, that one we all spend 9 months trying to get of.

  9. Im actually going through the same battle. Want to leave facebook, instagram (do not use twitter) and you tube. But then, you are “digitally alone.”

  10. @Martín Capó I’ve found odysee to be good as a partial replacement for YouTube. Let’s hope our content creators use it more and more…

  11. Mrs Virginia woodruff has been trading for me, his techniques are marvelous, made me see binary options and forex trade from another angle, I keep making profits monthly and so far I have had 28 wins and 3 losses

  12. Wow, I know Mrs Lydia Virginia woodruff . I met her at a conference in Birmingham last year where he introduced us to her platform. She helped me recover all my student loans, her platform is like a company where you invest and they help you trade, then pay you profit either weekly or monthly. It’s very beneficial

  13. We have been waiting for this pump all my life!! The only people making money in crypto are the You tubers.

  14. You can definitely see them sort of flattening and lengthening though Planet Hard Money. Unlikely that they are suddenly gonna contract and zoom to the moon (?)

  15. Dont forget, the billionaires are thriving to see bitcoin at 1 million dollar and lose part of their wealth throughout the usd.

    Maybe Carl has just a disorder and thinks America is still capitalist.

  16. Your videos seem to be swaying toward 90% advertisments for sponsors, instructional vids and 10% BTC analysis

  17. @Stephanie Matthews You don’t seem to be considering the fundamentals, such as Carlin did today. 22% of the entire dollar history printed (more precisely, ledgered) in the last 6 months…. First stimulus package (US) put less than 10% in the hands of the common populous.. Government increased it’s entire annual budget by 50% (including military and everything).. It will double that budget with another $2 trillion very soon. This is, fractionally, set aside from the Feds expansion of the balance sheet and the $few trillion of cash equivalent that can be spit out at the push of the return button on the key board..These immediate term, extraordinary events, will have extraordinary impact on the price of BItcoin in the coming weeks.. To think that such events will elongate with a graph that does not compensate, in its future projections, such massive events, is naive at best… There will, very likely, be a period where Bitcoin will make, on historical price comparisons, jumps upward that would otherwise seem unfathomable.. There is likely to be similar price action, where Bitcoin price skyrockets, when a legitimate alternative energy solution solves the miners dilemma. When miners become not just the strongholds of block security, but also, utility providers for electricity for the communities within their proximity.. That might be for a bump in price later down the road but certainly before the mining incentives have been totally depleted. Ironic that California, China, and others are calling for the elimination of combustion vehicles around 2032..!?! Make sure you have your toe in the water. at the very least..

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