Where Is Bitcoin Heading? Ethereum Technical Analysis | Jeff Bezos, The Richest Man Alive


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: What's the bearish scenario in the Bitcoin price? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Also, I'll do some EThereum technical analysis and talk about the Bitcoin and Ethereum dominance over the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, does Jeff Bezos own a money printing machine? Well, kind of… Watch the video to learn more!

1:22 The Big Picture
5:02 What Is A Bear Flag?
7:44 Ethereum
11:11 Q&A
12:28 Amazon & The Money Printing Press

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Conjuring Up the Next Depression


Where Is Bitcoin Heading? Ethereum Technical Analysis | Jeff Bezos, The Richest Man Alive

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  1. Jeff is one of the hardest working and smartest human beings on planet earth 🌏. He has done so much to reach to this point. I don’t think he fits in to the elite category!! Sure he benefited from the artificially inflated economy but everyone else had a chance to do so as well. Most of us do not see think the same was as the most successful people in the world. We tend to go with the HERD. No clue in what’s going on behind the scene. Very sad but true.

    Carl I admire your work and expertise specially considering the fact that you are young. Keep up the good works and I hope your wisdom reaches a lot of people around the globe so at least people will be prepared for what is coming.👍🏼👌🏼🇺🇸.

    Cheers From San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

  2. Crypto’s in general are headed for byebyesville, stock up on silver and gold while there is still some available!

  3. Let me get this straight, after a BTC relief rally for three weeks was wiped out by an engulfing candle in one week and thats bullish? On the lower timeframes its been wicking off 6.3k forming a bearish triangle. There is no volume in these small pumps/spikes. Your TA is kinda shady my guy but to each his own.

    After being tested multiple times 6k is very weak. It is about to break. I think BTC is headed down past 4k but thats just my opinion. If youre long then good luck lmao.

  4. Here carl glad u back, highly respect you for taking time out to be with family 👍🏽 now back to our regularly scheduled programming lol

  5. I´m keeping an eye to ETH/USD, it´s in process of doing a bullish divergence in the daily, I´m cost averaging since last weekend.

  6. Price is manipulated at 6250 to 6300 Level.
    So many Interrupted Red Candela everytime we reach critical prices and so many fast pumps.
    If people were really so optimistic Like the Action in this range looks Like price would not fall down so often fast to 6250
    Everytime the price fails sulerclose to bild lower lows in this Region.

  7. Ya……. same over here in the US. Our salaries for the majority of mid (esp lower) level employees have actually been declining over the past few yrs even though net corporate earnings of top corporations & banks are growing. It’s impossible for us to remain even as the REALL inflation number increases. We’re being utterly suffocated. Soooooo not fair. The greed of the top 10% is disparaging.

  8. Amazon gets government subsidies in order to create unfair competition against it’s competitors. It’s a monopoly not a free market. Do you like having a small cadre of men at the top controlling all industries? We should have a level playing field so normal businesses can compete.

  9. its not just because of the money
    its also because of the neoliberal doctrine

    it is insane and disgusting that one man owns that much money and that there is such a gap between the CEO and the workers. a healthy gap would be 1 to 10 (which it was at some point)
    most of the world companies today are 1 to 300
    but amazon it’s almost 1 to 1000000

    people have the right to be angry
    specially in the conditions the amazon workers are working
    you don’t get closer to being a slave

  10. Kyle Stagoll  Let’s do a wager? I bet Bezos holds the greatest percentage of shorts on his own company. How much BTC are we betting? Game on?????? Me like!

  11. Who work at Amazon’s warehouses like robots for a bowl of rice. Pure labour camps with wage slaves.
    It’s easier to end up on a wheelchair working for Amazon, than to feed your family.

  12. It’s not amazing. Amazon actually does something. Crypto does nothing. Crypto is only a number on a computer screen.

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