Was That The Bottom!? Bulls Coming Back Now? [Bitcoin Today]

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Bitcoin Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Bitcoin is falling, but have we seen the Bitcoin bottom now? I take a look at some support and resistance in the Bitcoin price using technical analysis. I also take a look at the Bitcoin volume to try to analyze the Bitcoin chart. Many are bearish on BTC right now, but are they too bearish on Bitcoin? Maybe, but watch the video to learn more!

0:43 Recap From Yesterdays' Video
2:13 Falling Wedge?
3:24 Triple Bottom Dead?
9:47 15 Min Chart
14:56 Despair & The Carl Channel

Was That The Bottom!? Bulls Coming Back Now? [Bitcoin Today]


  1. 0:43 *Recap* From Yesterdays’ Video
    2:13 Falling Wedge?
    3:24 *Triple Bottom* Dead?
    9:47 15 Min Chart
    14:56 *Despair* & The Carl Channel

  2. As a bull I wish you are right. But would not be too surprised if BTC would go to 5k…

  3. Thanks for going in depth. It’s really helpful. I have watched every video you’ve posted so far, I think. I’m learning a lot about how to analyze the charts. Anyone who complains the videos are too long can use the timstamps you provide.

    Thanks Carl!

  4. Well, 5k does look logical in the charts when disregarding all the chart formations🌙😀

  5. Thaanks for the feedback! So the timestamps are a good thing? Im glad you’re watching every day! 🌙😀

  6. I think it will take several Months for the Bulls to come Back. But when the Bullrun will come massive. Short term we go sideways.

  7. Awesome speech at the end Carl! We’re getting rid of all the weak hands and greater fools!! 😈

  8. The logarithmic trendline from october 2010 through march 2017 says the word “reversal”.

  9. Moon, you could wear a different coloured shirt i think it would look lovely. Try a light blue.

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  11. I think we will stagnate around the 6-7.5 k level till next year…….then I thinkwe can have another bull run in 2019 but I don’t think we will see anything crazy…I do think we might test all time highs on 25k in 2019..

    I just cant see anybody “psychologically” getting crazy about Bitcoin considering the fact it was massively overpriced and a lot of people lost money and lots of people will still take profit.

  12. Phil Calfee yea, I can remember that was what really made me tune in to this channel. He is definitely on the right side of history!

  13. I’m still seeing a descending triangle. Perhaps with an uptrend of about 30% testing the upper topside of the triangle, then down retesting the $6k support level, then 64% chance breaking to the downside reaching the $4k level and panic sellers selling at $3k. Be patient.

  14. Form TA, I think we are going between 5000 and 5300 $ then we jump back to around 7500 $ then we go down back to 6000$ then from that either we go bullish for true or we go down to 3000$

  15. You know nothing about technical analysis. How did you draw this triangle??? Bullish formation? Will see about that!

  16. Great video. I felt bad for a little while yesterday also..but then I almost wanted the market to fall way lower and flush out all the scam coins. BCH, EOS, ripple need to lose 75-80% and get down to their true value.

  17. Great Speech at the end. I’m right there with you. Even If we go to 3 or 4K, just another opportunity. I’m not worried in the long term either. I think we’ll look back at 2018 as another chance to accumulate. Keep up the great work. Love the channel.

  18. Ryt firstly you are bang on correct about everything … this is probably one of your best videos so far, all this time I thought you were just a guy who explains charts but man I rate what you said in the final minute or two of your video about the ruling elite and Rothschild so true .. I’m one of them who is trying to find a way out of this modern day slavery system and I believe one day I surely will … but yh man you are on it and 100% correct In what you say about the elite and your perspective of the future of bitcoin … but all that aside I think that we are currently in despair but when will we know when is the correct time to pump, just give us the heads up much thankzz
    Your true fan … see ya wen we get to the moon 🤑🤑🤑🤑

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