Was 8.5K The Top for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency News

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Was 8.5K the top for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video!

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT investment advice. Iโ€™m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, charts, technical analysis, insights, news and price predictions. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Deciding to invest in and/or buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!

Was 8.5K The Top for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Trading & Cryptocurrency News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. The problem in this market is too much bitcoin. I’m just going to say it.
    We need ethereum to take over, and if they get futures before bitcoin gets etf it’s possible. Anyone who doesn’t agree simply isn’t listening to reality. We need a crypto on top that can handle more that 4 transactions per second (7 in theory) and that isn’t centrally controlled by asic mining. As it is, bitcoin’s weight will continue to crush alts whether the price goes up or down the attention is on the one coin that has little relevant development on the coin itself and must rely on a 3rd party developer to even have a chance of being somewhat successful.

  2. What’s your guys thoughts on last (Dec I believe) years trend 5 days prior to the bullrun on the 1day chart. Looks extremely similar

  3. Crypto Kirby Trading hey brother. Great video but whats your opinion a similar trend 5 days previous to last years bullrun. Huge dip than sky rocket. Just trying to look at it from all angles. Appreciate the opinions you share brother. Cheers

  4. Once again Kirby, great video. Extream bloodbath today! I am still holding 3 alts positions. I am hoping they don’t go to zero!

  5. You have to ask yourself what is the primary goal for a bot? I believe its to bring the price of Bitcoin down or up so whales can sell high or buy cheap….it does this by taking people out of the market so they can control liquidity, even slight buy orders can make the price go up or down steeply….What surprises me the most honestly is that all the organic growth has come full stop….thats very worrying from a traders perspective. To me I dont see how Bitcoin can sustain itself on Bots taking lead and controlling price as it has been the last 5-6 months…most professional traders I know said trading bitcoin is pure gambling/speculation. And this is coming from seasoned traders who have been trading stocks/futures/derivatives for 30+ years.

  6. What are you talking about? BTC has lightning network with theoretical limits of 1 billion transactions a second.

  7. jovanbiljon
    It could easily be years before lightning network is implemented on any significant scale, and what happens if it fails or never reaches critical mass for whatever reason? If this 3rd party project fails then the bitcoin dev team has no plan to improve bitcoin in any meaningful way. Satoshi himself said block size could simply be raised once adoption warranted it, but the devs refused to do so and at this point if they did it would be admitting defeat to bitcoin cash so they literally don’t have that option anymore. The arguments the devs made against increasing block size until other scaling technologies are developed turned out to be complete BS as evidenced by many blockchains which have greater than 1mb block size. Maybe lightning network does save bitcoin and maybe it takes a lot less time than most people are currently thinking. Either way it sucks that we’re at this point where we’re having to rely on lightning network, and ETF approval in the near term is extremely unlikely due to the fact that none of the conditions cited for denial are changing any time soon. I feel there are more worthy projects at this point whether they succeed or not.

  8. Kirb’s – What do you think about the Eth/BTC historical log chart. Whenever Eth hit the trend line it ushered in Alt coin season. I’m with you that its savage right now but its an interesting chart. I’ll try and post if it’ll let me attach the pic

  9. Got in at $8200 BTC jumped up to $8500 didn’t sell, now i’m renting a hotel room at Rekt City atm, Hopefully im not here too long! Great work Kirbz!

  10. oh gawd, you’re one of those big blockers. Bigger blocks centralizes the block chain even more than what you’re complaining about with ASIC mining. How many nodes does Lightning network have right now? And how many does it need to have before you consider it being implemented on a “significant” scale (whatever that means)? You need to get educated.

  11. If you were really concerned about centralization in mining, every last one of you would be arguing for an update to add support for GPU mining – something which many average people already have and could instantly turn on. 1mb in 2009 is not the same as 1mb in 2018. Other chains have much larger block size caps while also being far more decentralized. And like… I really just don’t even want to go into your ignorance anymore. It’s just silly.

  12. Potential Bear Flag on the 2hr? Trying to learn your teachings, do I read this a possibility?

  13. i will laugh so hard if Kim Kardashian brings up the price with newly received bitcoin.

  14. Thanks for the videos. Really refreshing to watch and learn some how to read a few chart indicators and understand the importance of having a solid strategy.
    Thanks again

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