Trend Reversal BOUNCE!? | Can Bitcoin Get Back Above $4,000 Or NOT? | Two Possible Scenarios Now!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin bounce going soon? The Bitcoin price is very oversold. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

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0:49 Trend Reversal, Bounce?
5:38 2 Scenarios
9:22 BTC Shorts
10:12 EMA's!
15:18 Comparing 2014 & Today
17:02 2011 Crash
18:42 Greed & Fear
21:06 BitMEX

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OH MY GOD from Bitcoin
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Trend Reversal BOUNCE!? | Can Bitcoin Get Back Above $4,000 Or NOT? | Two Possible Scenarios Now!


  1. To help clarify this for new traders: A divergence of any sort is not an automatic trigger to buy or sell; in most cases it’s just a deceleration of the move: The chart basically takes a breather, before the next move down, esp. after such critical half-year bottom breaks. *Price action & patterns are much more important: In most cases we’ll see a clear reversal pattern, before a move up.* So please, do not try to catch the falling knife, there is plenty of opportunity to come!

    Having said that: In this case the divergence is helpful like Carl lays out. We have been falling quite some time already, and should we keep going, the 3.000 will be important support from the previous moves: It’s very normal for the bulls to show some reaction, even though it doesn’t have to be the bottom.

  2. We didn’t got our capitulation candle yet. We could see a bounce but the bottom is not yet in. I say the bottom is around 2.9k.. We will see!

  3. Well said, and yeah, there are many signs of a bounce, but we have to wait, because like you say, it’s not very fun to catch a falling knife…

  4. This weak relief rally is built upon a short squeeze, not buyer enthusiasm. Still looking bearish to me and the next logical target level below 3.5k is 3k. If that breaks, I can see as low as 1k potentially.

  5. Spot on Carl!
    The irony is that you THINK you know it all, until you get to the point where you should be selling for massive profits, then greed becomes your new subconscious normal…. This is where the real lessons are learned!

  6. I personally think the floor is approx 2950 when it reaches the 200 week EMA very shortly (weeks)
    Then a slow healthy rise throughout the Christmas / New year period…

  7. I am a poor guy from third world. I came to know about BTC during the bubble. I do a small part time job but most of my earnings go into my education. Whatever money I save, I purchase small amount of BTC with that. I remember once I just dreamed of owning 0.1BTC. Thanks to this brutal bear market that I now have 0.25BTC and I know I am close to that top 1% btc holder mark. My friends laugh at me for “wasting” money on BTC but I know what I hold. I know I may never be able to get hold of one full BTC but I would keep accumulating throughout this bear market and the accumulatory phase!

  8. We are going to 1200 – We need a huge capitulation candle before a healthy consolidation and a proper trend reversele. VOLUME is important. The last red candle was not huge enough.

  9. Carl, I like your videos, but we’re in a real bear market now,
    and we’re gonna stay in it for quite a while
    you’re way too bullish, and you can’t go against the market.
    If we’re in a bear market going down as we speak.
    It is going down

    like you said previous bear market have seen bitcoing dropping, 85-87 and even 97%
    if we’re in the 85-87%, that’s between 1900-2500 $ which is also where the next big volume support is.

  10. Carl u keep changing views …But honestly btc should fall below 3000 before we should get the bull. Without high sell volume to fill institution buying order , we would not go up.

  11. Np, i can 3d print one for you, that way i hope you can buy it with 1 Btc. So many naive people in the world, is amazin, as a IT Specialist i see it so differently then most of you.
    Don’t you ask yourself why reward for miners was set to mine first 70% from total amount of bitcoin in first 2-3 years? Why was programmed to be like that? Because in first 2-3 years only small amount of people could mine it when bitcoin didn’t had even a price, basically they mined 13mil bitcoins for free. 🙂 That should makes you thinking, how 13mil bitcoin is owned by those who manipulate the prices today. It is naive to think that bitcoin will go at those levels. Even if mainstream will buy, those who own 13mil bitcoin for free they will take their money whenever they want.

  12. So the only danger I see in trying to catch the falling knife is that if you sell at some point and the price bounces back while you are asleep, for e.g., then you would have lost more than won if you were to buy back again, even though the price did go lower than your sell point… But in that case you *tried* to catch the falling knife but did not actually…

  13. This moon boy keeps saying we’re oversold and bitcoin keeps dropping. Lol. The market can do whatever it wants despite your analysis. You can’t control that. I see bitcoin going below $2k.

  14. +Alex SAMANO Alex Salmond…..I told ya……….my method for trading is “trade with your feelings” and I just had a “bad feeling” about Bitcoin..know what I mean? far my strategy of “trade with your feelings” has worked.

  15. +Santy Ortiz yes I am thinking about starting a course called “trade with your feelings” where I teach traders to trust in their natural instincts, feelings and intuition.

    I know they say “never trade with your feelings”…..I tried trading withought “feelings”in this crypto market and it didn’t work.

    Why?..because crypto isn’t based on “fundamentals”….its based on speculation and its an “immature” market with lots of amateurs.

    Trusting your feelings and going with the crowd is the BEST way to go

  16. +Santy Ortiz I knew last night when we saw a bit of green that it didn’t “feel” like a real upward trend….know what I mean?

    I intuitively knew the “up” wasn’t going to last..

    it was weak…it was anaemic.

  17. I like how all crypto youtubers previously was taking only about one scenario Bullish but now they all talk about two scenarios as that’s all we got :))

  18. Count me in if you gonna start a training course , excellent explanation on how to use VPVR never used that before ,am swing trading XRP at the moment .

  19. ..and IF Bitcoin hits 2.9k, you will still say the same….all the way down to 0. ==> Because it’s very comfortable to be a bear in a bear market – until it unexpectedly reverse to the upside.

  20. So true. And then when one of the two possibilities happens they say: “It exactly happened what we were expecting” 😂😂😂

  21. +Lhasa Thailand the timeframe between now and bakt launching I see as a good time to accumulate. Or rather just using bakt as a point of reference. I do not expect the price to explode the day it’s opened or anytime in the week preceding it. I’m simply bullish because I remember btc from 2011 when it was cents and yet again when I heard about mt gox as well as on the show archer in the same time period. I missed two solid opportunities to become a whale. I’m not missing my opportunity to just have a decent amount of btc now

  22. +Charles M. Burns as stated by most they are here for entertainment purpose only. Personally i rather watch the Simpsons as there is more facts displayed watching an animated cartoon

  23. @Cesar

    Yes, now is a great time to accumulate. I thought you were suggesting Bakkt would somehow trigger the upswing. That’s my bad.

  24. @Mr Hole

    I’m unsure as to what you mean with this comment. But to answer your question simply. No one deserves to be slaved.

  25. What on earth are talking about? Would you care to explain as to why you are asking me these unrelated questions. I’m not here to discuss politics. All i did was wish someone good luck…. Holy moly…

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