The $Dollar Collapse & How To Profit From It

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The US Dollar is going to collapse by hyperinflation at some point. It's impossible to pick a date, but watch the video to understand why the stock markets and the US Dollar is going to crash. Look towards Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver to be safe during the stock market crash, because when the financial collapse is a reality, there will be very few places to hide your wealth!

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The $Dollar Collapse & How To Profit From It


  1. I live in this.. damn US economy printing money they can’t back… Crypto to the moon !!!

  2. Hey man, love the content! I do believe we will see at least a heavy correction of these other markets, if not a (heavy) crash. These markets don’t look very healthy and it could all well mean the money will flow into crypto, once that bubble pops. Wall street doesn’t care on what market they can take a lot of profits, as long as they can take profits, right?

    I am curious what your take is on other currencies such as: Litecoin, Vertcoin, navcoin and others?
    Keep up the nice videos!


  3. Now we print out problems ( obligations, non-discretionary spending) when central banks stop the Shell game, you buy my counterfeit currency, I’ll buy yours, ends, the house of cards collapses. Read the Empire of Debt by Bill Bonnor, things that can’t go on forever, don’t.
    I like Hemingway’s answer about how did you go broke. Slowly at first, then quickly. I’ve seen it happen, it’s not pretty.

  4. They are making one last attempt to prop the dollar after that it’s over. Once again good video

  5. Im all for this, but How do we get around their price suppression of BTC, gold and silver?

  6. Indeed, a very (too) simplified description of how the dollar could collapse. But thanks anyway for your efforts.

  7. the crash wont push bitcoin should keep it down.. since cash should be safe haven and retailers would not want to touch it. however i do believe big players will have their positions in and once the recovery of the stock market comes with more monetary stimulus then they should take off more than anything else.

  8. _Wikipedia on fiat money:_ “Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value.”
    *So, as soon as they decoupled the dollar from gold, they created the Fiat dollar. Now there is NOTHING backing up the US Dollar besides from the trust one might have in one’s government………………………………………*

  9. Because the US gov. wants it to collapse as the global icon of value. With that comes obligation and US is in so much debt, when you devalue your money, you lower the debt. Crazy but true.

  10. I’m starting to agree with this theory which would mean the government. After all, the internet was built by US for the military….now chew on that for a moment.

  11. first videos i was abit sceptical and but i like ur thoughts alot of similaritys here watched some videos and mate u realy doing good job , wish u more abos in the future but if u keep on going u will get there def.

  12. Maybe … But … Have You been the Walmart Grocery Section … In the United States
    Umm … Goood Food … And a Ton of Food .

  13. Nixon was smart, when he detached the dollar, he made the deal that empires are made of. Saudi Arabia got our protection, and we were ensured to stay on top, the petrol dollar. Which we are at, the greatest crashes in the history of civilization. I hope Trump is in office to negotiate the worldwide bankruptcy.

  14. Great clip! appreciate the insightful information! really enjoyed it 🙂

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