The BULLISH Scenario!! | The SEC Hunting Crypto YouTubers For Illegal ICO Promotions!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: What is the Bitcoin bullish scenario plays out? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Also, the SEC is hunting down illigal promotions by Youtubers and influencers. Watch the video to learn more!

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1:11 Breakout Soon!
4:08 Daily EMA
6:36 Bullish Scenario
11:55 BTC Reddit 1,000,000
12:19 Facts Vs. Media
14:11 The Next BTC Bubble
15:53 Lightning Implementations
16:46 G20 Slow With Regulation
20:09 YouTubers In Trouble!

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The BULLISH Scenario!! | The SEC Hunting Crypto YouTubers For Illegal ICO Promotions!!


  1. I have seen so many people lost money in ICO that promoted by Youtubers… Those you tubers get paid to promote that. Also we like Carl coz he never does something like that!

  2. Relax people, it has to be the way it is now, its a perfect cycle and set up for the next bullrun beyond our goals, if u understand a crypto fundamentals at the moment and forget the shortherm price u know the Jupiter is coming in 2-3 years.

  3. Bull scenario would be great Carl but i think most people would rather it go down more to buy cheaper bitcoin.

  4. Internet stranger opinion, but in an ocean of garbage crypto YTers you have set yourself apart. I watch every evening, keep up the good work.

  5. i dont understand you guys its not a fking ocean what wave you talking about? manupilation Wave? Speculation wAve?

  6. MR CARL , I respect your tech analysis, however there are several critical points 1. China out of market 2. Easy investors already burned 3. Baby boomers not tech savvy and millenials no funds . THIS MEANS BITCOIN IS DOOMED TO RANGE BETWEEN $100 and $500. The air is deflating.

  7. This correction was necessary for dumb money to shed off market, now the dumb money is no more significant I can see less volatile and composed improvement in market

  8. so if some guy at the side of the road says to jump off a bridge are you gonna blame him if you do it?

  9. Robert Tomkinson I’d assume you are in a good mood until you look at the charts then come on YouTube to take ur anger out on everyone 🙂

  10. hey Carl…did you know that our brains are biological quantum computers?…….and your consciousness obeys the rules/phenomena of quantum mechanics (including consciousness that is not localised to the “physical” and consciousness operating in a state of “superposition” until a decision is made)

    The implications suggest that our “realm” is actually holographic with an OUTSIDE source determining the collapse of the wave function.

    This may explain why people experience out of body experiences.

    This also suggests that our consciousness can “live on” and even become “quantum entangled” with something..More.

  11. I think a bullish perspective is kind of a waste of time in reality because the bearish one is so overwhelming. We aren’t going to 5K anytime soon. Best to accept that and look upon it as an opportunity to buy more BTC and accumulate for the moonshot in the next 1-2 years.

  12. I hope so as well, I get excited more when it drops. Weird I know, I believe the world won’t be able to do without crypto in the near future.

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