THE BREAKOUT IS HAPPENING!! Bitcoin Target $4,260! | Can We Go To $5,300??


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: The Breakout I predicted happened yesterday in the Bitcoin price. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:52 Bitcoin Analysis
6:06 Litecoin Analysis
7:33 General Market Analysis
8:35 Bitcoin Demographics
9:56 Low BTC Fees!
11:52 BiteBTC Scam?

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THE BREAKOUT IS HAPPENING!! Bitcoin Target $4,260! | Can We Go To $5,300??

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Is interesting how you have changed my opinion of TA. Never thought it any use but always open to learning new things and you have shown me the light 😂

  2. S thompspn that should question the whole bitcoin price action,how manipulated it is and how retail money does not move price at all,how algo bots and exchanges are counter trading their clients . this scam has to stop.

  3. +The Moon yeah, you got it pretty much spot on; kudos!

    I subscribed to about 30 TA channels a few weeks back and when they get it blatantly wrong, I unsub, I’m down to 12 now
    while when they get it really right, I click the notification bell; so far, only you and kirby got the notification bell

    thanks, buddy

  4. +Fatal Fury you do realize that this has nothing to do with manipulation? It’s just the natural way the market tries to find the price. TA works in normal stock markets too, it’s not like crypto youtubers invented it.
    Also retail money moves in price, you can trade euro against usd just like btc against usd it’s just less volatile, thus less profitable.

  5. Yeah, last year January was not good to invest in crypto. Maybe after 17 January. Next 10 days can be difficult, if will be like in last years in January.

  6. Lol every noob wannabe traders calling a bulltrap, do you even know what a bulltrap is. Irrelevant go learn and upgrade your crypto vocabularies

  7. Hey Carl, TA question for you.. The pattern that lead to this break out (which I played successfully, thanks for the call 🙂 )… is it possible for that same pattern to have transformed into a rising wedge that would essentially call for a reversal? I don’t know if anything like that can happen in TA so just wanted you opinion… So on the 4 hour chart, if you drew the lower trend line from the low on the 31st December, and the upper trend line from the high on the 28th December and tracked them to where we are now… given the overwhelming overhead resistance, could that be valid?

  8. My account manager is very good at mastering the market trends with over 10 years experience in trading. He provides me with maximum profit.

  9. ashish dwivedi the shape of Bart simpsons head is forming the left side just formed so we should trend sideways a bit then dump back down to form another Bart head which we seen many times over this bear market….

  10. I instantly thought of the security issues as well.
    The beauty of cold storage is exactly that, ‘cold storage’.
    The convenience of adding Bluetooth to it is awesome, but, it suddenly becomes much more vulnerable.

  11. +Michiel Van Kets you should also try to watch steve from crypto university , maybe its difficult to watch because he always talks about his classes but in my eyes thats very logical for him to do and it supports my confidence in his predictions , he has been right in almost al of his previous video’s about where bitcoin would go just watch his older video’s and hold the 2018 bitcoin chart next to it , he is absolutly awesomely correct.
    His prediction now that he made a few weeks back in december where bitcoin was at 3100 is around 5k maybe even touching 5500 , i bought at 3100 because of his prediction for the first time and am still very happy i did , im going to sell around 4700 , because he also predicts bitcoin to go even lower then 3k after the 5k

  12. 5k guys maybe even higher but be carefull because at some point end of january we start to crash again back to new lows maybe below 3k for short period

  13. +Remco laken yes, I got him on my list too, and yes, although he’s pretty good, the constant spam (self promotion and marketing) is just too annoying

  14. just to add; I also like crypto daily, because that guy is really funny and crypto zombie he brings the news in a very enjoyable way, but they don’t do TA

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