The BREAKOUT Came! Bitcoin Falling Down! | French Bank Run Update?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Steemit social network bans thedarkoverlord. Are Ethereum ads banned on Google? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:42 Bitcoin Analysis
5:58 Ethereum & Google
7:31 Bitcoin Promotion
9:35 Steemit Censorship
12:33 Bank Run Update

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French Banks Reportedly Begin To CLOSE, NOT ALLOWING WITHDRAWALS Ahead Of Yellow Vest Bank Run

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The BREAKOUT Came! Bitcoin Falling Down! | French Bank Run Update?


  1. I was one of the first steemit users and was also censored. Reason I am no longer a steemit user or hodler. Don’t like being told what I can say and not.

  2. The claim made in the steem white paper is still true. Steem is the name of the blockchain which is censorship resistant. Steemit is a frontend website to view the blockchain. Steemit can be censored but not Steem. You can use other frontends like busy dot org to view the censored material and even interact with it. Anyone with a coding knowledge can actually build a frontend website to view and interact with Steem blockchain (in the case all frontends censor a specific content.)

  3. Don’t get me wrong but you should find a decentralized alternative to youtube as well, google is the biggest surveillance capitalists of the world.
    You want something to change by being part of it? That’s never, ever going to happen.
    Unless we’re changing our tendencies and actions, there’ll be zero progress trust me on that.

  4. +MadFinnTech he has a substantial audience here, he can make the move and the rest will follow and that might be the start of a chain-reaction. Mass-adoption is not an overnight thing, it’s a longer process than most people would realize, especially when you have to deal with the skullf*cker corporations that are tracking every action of their users

  5. It looks really embarrassing for Steemit since you can still view the blockchain from other front end platforms. TDO is still posting updates to the blockchain.

  6. The French Bank Run was/is a success anyway…it’s the beginning..when you hit 100 times a rock with a hammer..and it does not break because of the strike n. also breaks because of all the other 99 strikes..

  7. Not really, the website is not decentralized obviously, only the blockchain. Anyone can make a website to connect to that blockchain

  8. Well, won’t be getting any more Steem, Decentralized!?! Lmao, what a joke!! Just another censor zone! Great update!!

  9. Steemit .com acts as a frontend for the Steem blockchain. I’ll make that clear here that they are in fact NOT the same thing.

  10. +scotgod1 scotgod1 I did said that here since the price at 8k few months back.. Could go even below 1k bro.. 😊

  11. Love your channel and analysis, man. But honestly, the last thing the Steem blockchain needs is more unsubstantiated FUD. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

  12. I was excited about Steemit when I heard about it on the cryptoverse, but different aspects of the project keep coming up fail.

  13. I think what they need to do is a long bank run. That takes like a month or more, so the banks don’t have a single day they can block out withdrawls.

  14. +Deg Lado There are some actually, like Dtube. No one really bothers to use them tho, everyone is more than ok being at the mercy of a single corporation, lol.

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