THE BREAK OUT CAME! | Breaking News: The ETF DELAYED! | Is $3,000 Still The Target?


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0:54 Falling Wedge
9:12 Capitulation & $3k?
15:27 ETF News: Delayed

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SEC Again Delays Decision on VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF

THE BREAK OUT CAME! | Breaking News: The ETF DELAYED! | Is $3,000 Still The Target?

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. It’s only a question of time. Believe me, soon or late we will end this bearmarkt and we will see a new bullmarket. I’m a strongly believer of Bitcoin and Crypto. Carl, good job and have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Warren Buffet is a sicko, “blood on the streets” means people jumped out of buildings due to the market crash, and this guy looks to INVEST only in something that just made people kill themselves… just let that sink in. I hope he stays out of bitcoin!

  3. Nice call again! You always seem to be able to predict when big volatility moves are imminent, and you’ve called most of the recent big break outs. I know some people will say that you were wrong today just because we broke down instead of up, but in that case they should learn how probabilities work haha 😉 The odds were 70% up and 30% down right?

  4. thanks, yes the odds we’re roughly 30% for a break out to the downside. And, yeah, people dont like to give credit when I accurately call that there will be a break out, when it breaks to the side they dont like heheh 😉

  5. At the early time of bitcoin, it should not be allowed the ETF. Without ETF bitcoin price would rise naturally in the market and we would happy. After ETF in 2017 BTC rose on the top and it has been dependant on ETF. Now SEC playing game with human emotion of the whole world by continuous delaying of BTC ETF. It is very regretful for crypto devotees.

  6. Carl, volume is not high enough for this being capitulation. The last bubble pop in 2014 stopt at the previous high. I think history will repeat and BTC will go as low as 1300$

  7. +The Catmother
    Inequality is fueled by greed and greed has always been and will always continue to be a part of human nature.
    Good luck eliminating that.

  8. those where not the odds, we were not in falling bullish wedge (hahaha) but a simple lower high and lower low pattern

  9. @themoon
    you never do elliot waves ?
    It could be a wave 3, with a wave 4 going up right after, and a 5 going down to the (hopfully) final bottom

    it will most probably go to 3k and lower (around 2,2-2,3) with a wave 5
    and maybe lower depending on the strenght of that wave
    But best probablity is around 3k for now (as it seems to be a wave 3) at 2,9, then up with a wave 4 at 4,6-4,-7 creating a bull trap.
    before wave 5 at 2,2-2,3k

    what’s your take on that ?

  10. +Halil Kunge What Ujjwal Sharma means is that by bitcoin there can be a monetary system by which inflation is defeated, and no longer creates the worst of inequalities.

  11. I’m not saying it’s not and I don’t hope it will be eliminated during my lifetime, but if everybody thought “Nah… it will never happen”, we would’ve still lived in caves or burned smart people at stakes.
    Evolution takes time.

  12. Mark Hendriks funny am excited that cryptos will go lower. And buy more. Looking long term 3-5 and 10 years

  13. This waterfall crash will not stop until we reach 1000$ Why do i feel this way—the President of the Cboe,/CME said so. “We will tame BTC” More taming to follow. Any talk that we have reached the bottom at 3000…sends people to Bankruptcy. At some point we will get a bounce before 1k, and it may carry on for several weeks, that I dont know. But it will hit 1k, and at this rate, it could be by Christmas !…

  14. +eli4s live in the fool’s earth!!! $500 bitcoin price was before etf and it reached $19000 for the consequence of ETF and after a great down now what’s the bitcoin price?? In the last July bitcoin ETF was rumored and within 1 week bitcoin price reached from $6000 to $8700. What was the effect of bitcoin ETF on bitcoin price???

  15. +Nimal Lems It sucks, but so does selling your children for a loaf of bread like parents did under Mao. Meanwhile we have people eating each other in Venezuela. Life has always been tough for the majority of people. Just do what you can to help others and be thankful for what you have.

  16. I used to scoff at people who said “BITCOIN TO $1000”, now I think it may be a possibility. They only said that when it was at $65000 and sounded click baity, BUT I do have fiat on the side waiting for the bottom. Good luck everybody and love your videos Moon. I watch them religiously lol

  17. +Wayne Brindley so lets just go to $100 and stay there for 10 years so everyone can accumulate more…but then there will be new people who will want to invest. They will be excited at the low prices. So in 15 years if BTC is $50, I hope you are still excited and still accumulating.

  18. +Lutfar Hossain one could assume that the Bitcoin price
    and overall Bitcoin adoption would be healthier without a centralized etf

  19. When your a billionaire, i do not think they understand how many people they hurt buy being rich, for every dollar they have someone else doesn’t have that dollar to pay for goods and services they need, feed their children, buy a house, car, ect. So if any of you get RICH remember your taking food ,shelter,clothing,transportation away from someone else who needs it. Be of the giving heart, help others in need, invest in others to make their lives better. You cant take it with you when you die and you only live once.

  20. I will say that 3k as bottom is very unlikely. Many people will expect it and buy there, until the major selloff will happen where even these people will be mentally tested. Capitulation will only leave the true believers and smart investors in this market.

  21. The Moon Bitcoin fundamentals don’t matter when institutions can manipulate “paper Bitcoin”. Just look at how Gold and Silver have been crushed and suppressed. Any ETF is 100% fraudulent so long as they are not required to buy and hold actual BTC. They can create and unlimited number of Bitcoin. The entire Crypto community should be against naked short selling and ETFs that are not backed by the actual underlining assist.

  22. +Jessi/Bret Munsen keep dreaming. Sub 1k is og level. Where do you think youre gonna find these sellers. These are not plebs that panic anymore.

  23. +reiwell del i know bch is the biggest altcoin scam. and u know bch hardfork in november 15, market going down 1 day before that day. in november 14. break 6k

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