Stock Market Crash is Impacting Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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Is the stock market crash impacting Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current stock market news on today's video!

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Disclaimer: The content covered in this video/live stream is NOT investment advice. I’m NOT a financial adviser. These are only my own personal opinions, ideas, charts, technical analysis (TA), insights, news and price predictions. Always do your own research and only invest solely based on your own findings and personal judgement. Deciding to invest in and/or buy Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and the market can crash at any time! This video/live stream is purely for entertainment purposes only!

Stock Market Crash is Impacting Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Crypto Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News


  1. bout tired of this manipulation, i tell you what. anyone thinking ETF is going to pass anytime soon with this garbage is living in a dream world.

  2. Love the Videos Man! Keep it up! Makes my day to hear your opinion and incites in the market. Thank You!

  3. I dont think you are made for this I’m afraid. The market will always remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent, patience is the name of the game. For real, though.

  4. Gold goes down with stocks but rallies soon afterwards.

    Expect a longer delay in crypto this time around. But I expect alot of people will enter this market toward the end of the year.

  5. Thank you Kirbs for the slap in the face. Btc aside…The last 8 years have been good. But not living in
    “The good economy is going on forever”…that caught me like a deer in headlights in 2008. It’s clear we are ready for another recession. Preparing for every move this time like a savage…crypto and traditional markets

  6. DOW follows transportation index and trans index dropped below 200ma… the domino affect has begun.

    1988 Economist called this date,10/10, 30 years ago.

    Money wants to move to crypto for sure!! It’ll happen, slowly at first without a notice then boom! It’ll be too late for most people. Not me though 😉

  7. the exchanges dont want it to drop below the key level 6k, some entities want to buy in low thats the struggle

  8. It’s on BITCHEZZZZ! The stock market is plummeting and cryptos are going to tank with it for a while. Hold on to your panties and get ready to pick up the pieces when the carnage is over baby! Rewards will flow the most to those with the rare discipline to have stayed in cash. The dry powder will be utilized when the blood is flowing in the streets baby! Hoping that you’re not tied up in any inflated assets peoples… It’s on!

  9. Not really. You don’t keep a portfolio when breakout trading.
    You hold a very few different coins (if any), and always monitor for systematic risk.
    The second you leave the computer you sell or set a very tight stop loss, nothing is lost of significance during this sell off.

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