Resistance Level | 2008 Financial Crisis & The Creation Of Bitcoin


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price getting ready for a breakout? In the Bitcoin chart, there are some support & resistance that I want you to see. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also cover some Ethereum technical analysis. Moreover, I'd like to talk about the financial crisis of 2008 and how that led to the launch if Bitcoin. Watch the video to hear more about this!

0:48 Resistance Zone
2:54 Candlesticks For Beginners
6:15 RSI & Stoch RSI
7:04 Fibonacci Retracement
8:29 General Market Analysis
11:56 Ethereum Technical Analysis
14:14 Gemini USD
14:59 2008 Financial Crisis & Bitcoin

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Resistance Level | 2008 Financial Crisis & The Creation Of Bitcoin

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Wicks, candles have a wick that you light, so this is where the name is coming from I believe. There is something called the VIX, but I think that stands for the Volatility Index.

  2. Yes, thanks, in Sweden we have some problems with (V vs W), when speaking English hehe, thanks for commenting! I didn’t even notice it when editing haha 😂🌙

  3. Yes, I got it wrong in the video, it’s supposed to be “Wicks”, not “Vix”. Vix is for the Volatility Index. a totally different thing. I always mess things like that up because of my Swedish brain, English is not my native language, Im Swedish, sry guyys. (Been looking at the actual VIX lately, so my brain mis-fired hehe) 😂🌙

    FUN FACT: In Swedish the wicks are called “svansar” hehe

  4. If you look at the highs in March, May, August and early September they’re always about 12-14% lower every time. Based on that the current “high” matches that pattern. Anything to be worried about? Looking at the daily chart.

  5. +The Moon Wondered about the ‘Vicks’…… you perfectly pronounce other words with ‘W’ (ie ‘want, will, would). So I just figured ‘vicks’ are the swedish translation for the English word ‘wicks’. Please keep the vicks……. we like it!

  6. Hey dude I super appreciate the TA and the ending information in your videos 🙂 I’m really learning a lot from each one! Just bought my first 2 TA books to start trying to follow you along better. Really excite!

  7. Really fed up with Tec Analysts. It’s not you Carl. It’s just that crypto has been soooooo boring lately.

  8. Nice self correction, considering it’s your second language DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF ! Your ta is very insightful as are your general observations. Thankyou for your efforts !

  9. Hm some dumb Youtuber called the 2 dump and pump bullish, Just after the last Rise.
    I said that bitcoin make an extreme weak impression.
    But the time we made 6100 and moved up to 6200 i thought we need another rund and Chance is Like 70 percent to Rise again, surely i gave the bearish Variant Like 60 percent, But at near 6k levels we Pumped 4 Times Hard.

  10. Thanks Carl! Good idea sharing btc creation history in sync with 10 year financial meltdown anniversary. Love what you’re doing.

  11. Ann SimplyMe is probably because in Swedish there is no V in the alphabet and the W is half pronounced as a V?! Don’t worry Carl, we know what you mean!

  12. It is hard to give Technical Analysis in such a Volatile Currency ss Bitcoin and Carl does a Superb job! If you listen careful you can make money!

  13. Carl, I’ve noticed that you look at the ema Ribbon as a support and resistance tool. The ema ribbon is nothing more than a series of faster to slower moving averages based on price. So really it’s not designed for S&R per say. Since the 20 period MA is kind of the line in the sand for short term resistance it’s helps to see how price reacts when it bounces or falls into it. So I get what you’re saying.
    The ema ribbon is really a momentum indicator. A convergence / divergence indicator. So when the lines squeeze together you have a potential turning point in trend or reversal. When the lines are far apart you have a potential turning point in trend as well because parabolic moves are not sustainable for long. So another potential trend reversal is most likely.
    In a way the ema ribbon also can help you see across multiple time frames as the moving averages represent underlying segments of time that may be expressed on a faster time frame chart. You can set up some custom indicators to represent this a bit better.
    Another benefit of an ema ribbon is to use it as a trend following method. So looking at in when it’s in Proper Order either ascending or descending you have a way to identify momentum. You could setup a system that manages a trailing stop for example when two lines cross and trigger your specific exit.
    Anyway I thought I would mention some other uses for this indicator. You seem to have a good grasp on classic technical analysis and I am awaiting the day when you invent your own system based on new ideas and insights.

  14. i love your sense of humor, and able to laugh at your self. I lived in Germany for 3 years, so i know the W is pronounced as a V. LOL. Keep up the good work, Carl.

  15. Thank you for the daily videos! One of the best crypto channels out there, period. Keep doing what you’re doing Carl!

  16. Scandis also say tanks, even if it’s singular. The alternative would of course be PANZERWAGEN!!!!1 Ok that was Deutsch, but sounds much cooler that way.

  17. Carl, all of us KNEW you meant ‘wicks’ not ‘vix’. I just thought you were pronouncing ‘wicks’ with the accent of your first language.

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