Ready To Move Again?? | Bitcoin Has BIG Support At $4,000

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price ready to move again now that the volume is declining? In the last few days, Bitcoin is falling, but there should be a bounce soon! I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:53 Huge Volume = Huge Support
4:36 Tightening Pattern
7:05 How To Trade The Bottom!
8:37 Bullish Divergence
10:29 General Market Analysis
13:15 OTC Index
16:30 BitcoinOn Sale!
17:06 BTC For $40,000!

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VanEck Subsidiary MVIS Launches Bitcoin OTC Spot Index

Ready To Move Again?? | Bitcoin Has BIG Support At $4,000


  1. The long term trendline is right at 4k now on coinbase chart, its really a HUGE support.
    if we lose this support it will be very bad.

  2. Hey Carl, can you expand some of your knowledge into some alt coins and show us some projects your interested in, I get bitcoin is the key but when we eventually have a rise Altcoins will be just as important and I personally would love your input in some small coins like ripple, Iota, neo, power, and others, keep up great work

  3. when the bull run comes, change your intro video. When you look at it, it looks like your logo “the moon” is getting away, feels like we are falling into the ground. When in Bull run reverse it and make it look like we are going to your logo “the moon”

  4. I am expecting this to be a bear flag… I think tomorrow we will see rsi on 4hr top out at 40-45, and trigger another strong downward move from there.. got targets in for 3000-3500.. will be interesting to see what happens if 4k is defended, might put in a long position if that happens and bounces back to 4.5k, don’t know yet… just gonna make sure I have decent stops in place! cool to hear how everyone is expecting this to play out!

  5. Carl slowly inserts trading teachings into his videos. Wants to subliminally make us good traders 😀

  6. you guys are too bullish, Bitcoin hasnt capitulate yet, the bottom is between 3000 and 1300 usd, they postponed bakkt on porpuse, they are going to enter the market in the lowest price possible and the date of its launching was getting close, so that is why they moved it to January. next year is going to be great for Bitcoin, The Halving is getting close, we are going to see bitcoin pumping very soon guys, But Before this happens we need to collapse completely.

  7. The market doesnt care about how you want to feel. The earlier you realize this the better of you will be

  8. So it is ok to lose money? there are people losing more then me! Like all your video’s it can rain or the sun can shine. Up and down, up and down. Just say i don’t know intstead of it might go up or it might go down. It sound like evening news about the weather 🙂 you are repeating so much that you don’t know, so what is the deal? I follow you for a long time now but it is getting out of balance. Maybe it is better to sell and buy in when it is low?. Or hodl and lose more? I think if you sold at 14K or 12K and buy in now, you did not lose that much and have more btc now!! yes??
    BTC will go down to 2,5K or less and you keep telling people it won’t go down below 3k, just like it was not likely it would go below 5,8k or/and then bounce up immidiatly.

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