OMG!! BITCOIN FALLING BELOW 200 DMA!!! Stocks, Gold & BTC Crashing

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

OMG!! BITCOIN FALLING BELOW 200 DMA!!! Stocks, Gold & BTC Crashing

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Negative rates and money printing by the U.S. government? I see higher prices for btc

  2. What’s the longterm narrative then with the halving coming up? Even though that in the immediate short term there are bearish indicators is it just something to worry about for traders? Especially considering that the “safe haven” consensus may still be holding up when this is just a normal move by Bitcoin. It may seem correlative but so does icecream sales and crime rates in the summertime.

    Also, it seems like bitcoin has a hard time breaking through the descending channel. Furthermore, other indicators suggest that HODLers didn’t seem to sell the dip either.

  3. Is it really crashing, as it looks to be around the same price it has been from the past couple of days?

  4. I initially had a small crash and like you said it has actually been holding these price levels for nearly 5 days now, unlike the stock market.

  5. Carl honestly i dont think btc drop has anything to do with stock market or hedge or safe haven stuff, its just a regular correction that btc has been doing all its lifetime, just couple a months ago we had huge drops like this and that had nothing to do with stock markets. I think people just wanna justify every drop and make it seem like its connected to something, i personally think its not and btc is just doing what btc does

  6. Yeah, we’re so close to macro ascending support also. I think we’re headed up just in time for the halvening

  7. Spot on Carl, Bitcoin has been observing a steady downtrend for quite some time now trying to hold the $9K resistance. At this point, it’s important to accumulate and keep growing your portfolio if possible buy now that’s cheap and grow it through trading while waiting for the coming bull run. I have come to realize that it’s better to trade under the guidance of an expert trader which is why I trade under the guidance of Jordan Meyers. I’ve been using his daily trade methods for a month and I have grown my portfolio from 0.6 BTC to 1.2 BTC so far. His signals are accurate, efficient, and very easy to implement in your own trades. Jordan can be reached via telegrm@jordmeyers for inquiries about his trading services.

  8. Proof when the crash comes, everything will go down, including our uncorrelated asset, Bitcoin?

  9. Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track..🎢

    Something that’s seems to be traveling very slowly in the distance, (like a train or plane) gets faster and faster at an exponential rate as it approaches..🛩

  10. not even the government. federal reserve is in private possesion LOL. No way I’m selling btc for that shoebox money

  11. I opened your video, saw that it had just barely dipped below the 200 DMA and was already forming a nice sized green candlestick and I was like “get the F out of here” and then closed the video. Few hours later Bitcoin is looking healthy, stop with the FUD man we don’t need it right now.

    STUPID PEOPLES say = Crash, Crash, Crash
    BIG INVESTOR says = Ha, Ha, Ha, you sell, I BUY
    All Indicators of Technical Analysis are “Lagging”, All Rubbish …! DON’T USE THAT..!
    The BTC Price is only determined by “Fundamental Costs”. The price of Bitcoin is NEVER under Mining Costs. Not much time left, BUY or be late ..! Today the cost of mining Bitcoin every 1 BTC is $ 8000, 120 EH / s, after Halving $ 12500. Countdown to Halving, 70 days.

  13. Noticed the description of your videos are too dramatic. 6 exclamation marks!!!!!! when you know its not a big deal as we are Already above it.
    Keep up the good work, but reel in the drama, there’s no need.

  14. If the economy was really good, then we should have the HIGHEST interest rates. People should be able to save at 5-6%. Instead we have to put our money in risky assets in order to make money long term.

  15. Everything is correlated one way or another; the economy is an entire whole. There isn’t anything that couldn’t be affected by the a crashing global economy

  16. R James Technical analysts remain divided on whether the halving is priced into Bitcoin, and whether the lead up to the halving could cause Bitcoin’s price to rally without significant pullbacks

  17. Dude I have to say these posts are so well written they always get me in the first half not gonna lie

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