My Response To Bitboy Crypto!! [Bitcoin TOP]


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Carl Runefelt (The Moon Carl)

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My Response To Bitboy Crypto!! [Bitcoin TOP]

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  1. I’m not too experienced in Crypto because I’m still pretty new but I think all of you tubers are unrealistic in the short term. I understand now why you do this. You guys seem to be good gamblers and I suck so I don’t try it. Just buy and hold…

  2. Bitboy is almost always wrong… lol
    His reasoning is silly and leaves out so much information to the contrary.

  3. Will feel kind of sad when bear market returns. It feels like a very long time since 2018. Like a long journey.

  4. Everyone is planning to take profits at 100k including many youtubers So I see a big crash right after 100k

  5. What better way to get retail to give up their coin than to have the top crypto channel yell fire. Ben has lost his way dude. All the respect to him but this cycle has changed him. Also, way to go Carl, looks like your living the dream!

  6. Bitboy said the bull cycle will end by the end of Fall, which is between September 22 and December 21. Bitcoin could top out between those dates is what Bitboy said and not that it “will” top out in a few weeks. Bitboy thinks it could, but definitely “will” between the dates.

  7. When the big move comes it could happen as quick as 2 weeks but it would definitely not be matching with other cycles, when the indicators are showing over sold I’m selling, not going to listen to Ben or anyone’s opinion on when to sell. I would rather rely on market data and sentiment

  8. @nick gratton it’s possible to plan when you want to invest and sell though. Its impossible to sell right at the top and buy right at the bottom but it’s important to have a plan when to buy and sell.

  9. They’re getting wrecked too. Don’t let them fool you man. Just listen to the shakiness in his voice. He’s been liquidated recently I bet 10000 bucks he has, or atleast big red

  10. @James Sharpe you take % of profits on way up…all experienced traders do that. That’s the only plan realistically

  11. The total Bull cycle yes but he was including the alt cycle with that. He has said in no uncertain terms the Bitcoin Bull cycle would end in September or October and November would be an anomaly.

  12. @David Atanasio Thanks~~~~< for watching<>_and don’t forget••• to hit the like><~button and if you want~<~advice and insight.....on investment....~<~~watsap ➕ ④ ④ = ⑦ = ④ = ③ = ② = ④= ⑥ = ⑦ = ⑨ = ⑥ ⑧ = .....……..

  13. @Crypto Truth Carl of course.
    I will put some detailed TA on my Twitter soon to show why. @DigitalNatureX

  14. *Right now Binance official exchanger have a bug. it exchanges BTC to ETH almost x10 rate fully automatic. l posted a Vldeo*

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