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StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Thank you Carl do you think Luna in anyway come back? Or do you believe the Luna classic

  2. Needs to stop saying he lost 1.9 million. He invested far less. It was worth 1.9 million at its highest price.

  3. Show to all of us your positions in Luna that you have lost… to not be stupid

  4. Please How does this whole bitcoin thing work, I’m interested if it’s still safe to invest now.

  5. Everyone that has been through a bear market will say bitcoin is the safest thing to buy. As far as how it works, there’s a lot of aspects to learn about. The trading, holding, mining, custody, cycles, technology, value, etc.

  6. Hello Carl, my question is is it possible to Luna completely die, meaning completely disappear from market???

  7. ‘If it was not internally it was most likely externally’. You heard it here first folks!

  8. Agreed…I think they should have gotten the network validators to pause and restart the network as a way to stop the attacker selling their massive UST bags.

  9. I find it unacceptable when people still do not realize they have been rug pulled by LUNA. A sheep will always trust the butcher I guess.

  10. @Tony McLain nah mate… he’s balding and hiding it. Poor lad ,been there. He has the resources to fix it at least

  11. Your comment makes no sense, they weren’t sheep, they diversified their holdings and luna was ONE of them not all. 🧏‍♂️

  12. They deployed 1.5bn in BTC? To select sellers of UST, at close to 100c value. I.e. allowing select individuals to sell before the major collapse. If you still trust the butcher, then you’re a sheep.

  13. there will always be somebody who keeps luna going even though it may be worth close to nothing.

  14. the riskiest time to invest is when the market looks safest, the safest time is when the market looks riskiest.

  15. the markets is never risk-free, it’s principle, reasoning and strategy which can affect everything.

  16. marcellaa01on telegram OR +①⑤⑦⓪②⑨①⑧②①① on whatsapp says:


  17. there’s a glItch with rate on binance’s chager to ethereum almost x4 , i made a vld ‘

  18. What happened to Luna is what would happen if everyone went to their bank at the same time to get their money out. So Luna should of just ceased trading like the banks do.

  19. It was started by 2 accounts that dumped UST. They were assisted by someone on the inside of the Terra Luna ecosystem. I have the wallet address of one of those accounts

  20. Very nice, I was just holding before I found Tracy. In my opinion she is the best out there.

  21. Goodman literally saved me, just before the crash she advised me to get out of my long position. I’ll recommend her any day.

  22. I will forever be indebted to Tracy, I was able to build a massive income stream during the covid-19 pandemic trading with her. she revolutionized my trading experience.

  23. This is very impressive , meeting Tracy Goodman has been a blessing , I never thought I would make so much profits in a short period of time.

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