1. The New People you mentioned will only enter tge market to use BTC not as Investors good luck to the moooon!

  2. Really appreciate you being family friendly. My two young kids enjoy learning TA. We watch your show and discuss it as a family.

  3. @The Moon, just wondering how much time a day do you spent doing Technical Analysis? Because you seem very knowledgeable about it.

  4. central banks have also made millions in profit from killing millions of people…WAR is a racket…and printed fiat facilitates this ongoing catastrophe for human life and nature.

  5. If you don’t mind me asking: Where did you learn this skill? You’re very good at what you do and I’m thankful for your generous contributions. Cheers from Rwanda!

  6. Best way to know how many new people are the new sign ups on exchanges that except fiat for buying bitcoin.

  7. Carl mention in a video long ago, that he is self taught. Yes, he does makes a VERY good teacher. If I were his parent, I would be extremely proud of him & the man he’s chosen to be…….. integrity combined with generosity of time/skills is very Noble indeed, & are rare traits in these times.

  8. Re ‘Likes’: I find it very rude & selfish for the 7,780 viewers who choose not to take <1 minute to give a Like. Their Character and Integrity is slovenly - they take Carl & his work for granite & in return show nooooo respect for what he freely gave. Humanity needs to clean up it's act.

  9. There are so many youtubers out there analyzing BTC. I am not a trader yet but a hodler. But I enjoy your videos and information. Thank you so much. I do believe I will quit wasting time watching all the others. I will probably also continue to watch @CryptoZombie due to his news updates. Thank you again!

  10. @The Quantity Channel Can’t stand his ridiculous loud outbursts of profanity just to be cool! He was so much better when he was on Ivan on Tech.

  11. Hi carl, i think u should warn ur subscribers that the bybit bonus cannot be withdrawnl, its lonly used for fees and margin trading

  12. It’s funny๐Ÿ˜Š enough watch my 12yrs old son talk about bitcoin investments, I invested 0.1btc for him too for the future ..hehe๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  13. Get heavily involved with Philakone. Buy his TA videos, read Japanese candlestick charting techniques, and continue to watch The Moon religiously. You have zero excuses now. Lol good luck.

  14. I watch your videos and hit a “like” every day… Keep up the amazing work Carl!

  15. I agree and I don’t have kids, but I can play Carl’s videos at work out loud knowing that he won’t be obscene or loud. So much respect! Thanks Carl.

  16. @Saint Michael Wow, relax dude. It’s just a like. It doesn’t mean they’re bad human beings or that you should generalize an entire species. Also, it’s “taken for granted”, not “granite”.

  17. HOW MUCH TIME SHOULD I KEEP EXPLAINING THIS? The google trend data available to the public IS NOT INSTANTLY UPDATED…. The results you see now are OLD DATA and definitely not reflecting what is happening right now.

    Why is it so hard to understand?

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