ETHEREUM WILL 100X FROM HERE!!!!!!!!! [$200,000 price prediction]


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In this interview with Bitcoin Crypto we discuss the Ethereum price! He will give us his Ethereum price prediction!

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

ETHEREUM WILL 100X FROM HERE!!!!!!!!! [$200,000 price prediction]

StormGain Review


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Can’t lie I had to grab that buy at the dip for eth, making me feel good rn I can’t wait to see it go up

  2. Ben is THE official Ethereum channel on YouTube, lets goooo I need Eth to ramp up so I get some massive gains on top of these capital gains taxes when I cash out hahaha

  3. He’s wrong on BTC use case. See Micheal Saylor’s BTC conference for an idea. And that wipes out his whole outlook. He’s pumping cause he’s holding.

  4. Hi Carl yesterday I downloaded for the 1st time swissborg but this app wants me to put deposit and take ages get money from revolut card into swissborge where I still hv zero it usual taking that long ?:/

  5. If she’s like, if that’s what winds up her clock dump her now ! & save your money! Sounds darn superficial to me

  6. If your wife wouldn’t stay with you even if you went completely broke, then you should reconsider if that’s worth your time and efforts

  7. @V that’s where many don’t get it, and we have here two traders (traitors) influencing their audience to greed, and many gets wrecked along the way. Can’t they just influence their audience to dollar cost average and hold. Simple, Then We all win. Take small profits along the way.. aaah

  8. @John Lux did you expect segwitcoin to go to 20k in 2017? See, it always goes higher than we believe, so don’t laugh at 200k ETH price.

  9. @kas8 i remember when Segwit happened..that Bitcoin fork thing and exchange had given me Bitcoin and BitcoinCash then… Bitcoin went to 28000 AUD Obviously if Bitcoin goes from $140 AUD, Segwit would go to $7000 usd momentarily Segwit depend on Bitcoin. Etherum is a parasite on Bitcoin. It has been long time around but getting worse with its technology- all these big Etherum mafia, huge group of speculators Etherum to the moon doesn’t work anymore 😂 Many people aware Etherum is not a reliable technology. There are others now. Bye bye Etherum Mafia 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️ Even Dodge a joke token doing better 😂😂😂

  10. @hutoka jakha there are channels that do this but everyone needs to do their own work. This is why list get wrecked regardless of what these guys say. ✌️ good luck my friend 😉

  11. @John Lux just wait until the market discovers that BCH is the real Bitcoin. You can laugh now, but wait until 2024 😉

  12. @kas8 Oh! Also we have G. Wright, now – with real Bitcoin and he is the Satoshi. We don’t need Roger Ver anymore dramas, violence and theatre anymore. Anyway! How is Roger Ver’s bomb making and Yakuza membership going? 😂😂😂

  13. Y’all silly for trying to clown eachother on buying just a few. Or buying now instead of at 200. For anybody who bought this recent dip, you will benifit in the future.

  14. @NeyoScooter I have been through the crypto bull runs as well. May get hurt based on time value of money (if you have to hold), but in my mind-barring regulation-won’t get hurt.

  15. I spent 50% on the dip, and if it dips below 1350, ill spend another 20%. when it turns, ill ride my remaining buy ins on the way up

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