CRASH To $2,000! Says BitMEX CEO | Basic Attention Token | Winklevoss & Morgan Stanley

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Will Bitcoin crash to $2,000? Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX trading platform thinks so. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Other stories include, Basic Attention Token added to Coinbase, Winklevoss Vs. Charlie Shrem, Morgan Stanley so watch to learn more!

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0:54 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
4:16 Low Volatility & Volume = Breakout?
8:16 Winklevoss & Charlie Shrem
12:45 Basic Attention Token
17:25 BitMEX
21:28 Morgan Stanley
22:00 Bitcoin Bubble Or Pin?

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Bitcoin is a Pin, not a Bubble… from Bitcoin

CRASH To $2,000! Says BitMEX CEO | Basic Attention Token | Winklevoss & Morgan Stanley


  1. Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX, makes his money on the volatility of the market. So he’s going to put out wild predictions on price. I didn’t believe him when he said Bitcoin would go to $50,000.00 and I don’t believe him now when he says it’s going to $2,000.00. The fact is, everyone who tried to predict Bitcoin’s price by the end of 2018 has been flat out wrong – even Tom Lee’s prediction is going to be wrong. As Wallstreet money enters the OTC market and buys up BTC, they will continue to reduce the supply which will in turn (by definition) drive up the price of Bitcoin. So HODL… and be patient. In 2 years, we’ll all be swelling with pride that we knew what was coming and hung in there. 😁👍🏼✨

  2. Carl, your insight into historical and current economics is impressive. I really appreciate your genius into Bitcoin and other markets. Keep up the great work.

  3. From 50k to 2k. I wonder what he’ll say next year or 2020. Won’t be surprised if he says $200

  4. Nice. Made solid profits from BAT over the past months.
    Also, I don’t trust that dude for a second. Arthur is an evil man.

  5. if BTC goes to 2000 k its pure manipulation from bitmex CEO and i really hope he goes to jail for market manipulation ( like always on bitmex )

  6. If he was wrong about his 50k prediction, then why would he now be right about his 2k prediction?

  7. ARthur Hayes is pushing FUD and the reason he is pushing FUD is because he makes money if BTC goes up or down!! Right now he is trying to create more activity so HE CAN MAKE MONEY:)) This is total FUD……………FUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  8. His 5k prediction from months ago still hasn’t come thru. His 50k prediction last year?…not even close. Why would this be any different from the last time he made a prediction. It just shows you that even those with intimate ties to the industry have no clue when and where the price will go up or down. Show me the guy that said bitcoin would break 15k in 2017/18. But I want the guy that said it in 2016. I will listen to him lol.

  9. there are no fundamentals for crypto. fundamentals are earnings, revenue, dividends, share buy backs. there’s none of that in crypto. Bakkt and Fidelity are not fundamentals. they are speculative news events. educate yourself more about finance guys

  10. Hal Staniloff he runs the price.. BTC volume is the largest on bitmex.. the CEO who said at 10k we are going to 50k.. burned his shorts.. now we are going to 6k. Short it long?, have a think of your going to be broke !

  11. Hal Staniloff , you’re right , I agree 100% that Hayes is a clown. He just plucks numbers out of thin air. First 50k and now 2k. This guy is a time waster.

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