Correction Incoming? | HUGE NEWS!! ➜ Coinbase Custody To Onboard Institutional Investors!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: The Bitcoin price has been going up rapidly, but is there a correction coming? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. What goes up must come down. Also, HUGE news from Coinbase. They opened up their crypto Custody Service for institutional investors. This is as bullish as crypto news can get. Want to know more about this Coinbase news, watch the video!

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0:41 Bitcoin
8:58 Discord
10:07 Long Squeeze?
11:27 Crypto News (Coinbase Custody Service)

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Correction Incoming? | HUGE NEWS!! ➜ Coinbase Custody To Onboard Institutional Investors!

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Congrats for your trade, and thank you for all this work you give us in good will!

  2. You should add the word “airdrop” to the list of blocked words in the comments. These spammers need to go away

  3. OMG, so much OCN scammers wanting your private keys. Guys, NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS TO ANYONE!

  4. Carl, did I miss your invite to your Discord channel? 🙂 waiting for it:)

  5. awesome analysis Carl…I’ve been watching your channel for about a month now. Very level headed.

  6. Best of the best comes out of people who commit themself to what they say will happen without fear. Great work your words are well tested for the truth

  7. Hey carl, i would really love to get a in dept tutorial for bitmex, stoploss automated profil taking, anything in between, maybe pro tips and tricks.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Most of the signals I’m seeing says bullish:

    1. The exponential trendline stretching from the low of october 2010 through the low of march 2017 is the lowest bullish trendline in Bitcoin’s history. BTC hit that trendline a week ago and has reacted to it by forming a couple of green candles on the weekly timeframe (almost too perfectly). I have been waiting for Bitcoin to hit this trendline for the last couple of months, so it’s quite nice to see it bounce off from it.
    2. Most of the bubble-bursts in Bitcoin’s history has been short-lived (from a downtrend begins to either consolidation or upwards movement).
    3. Bitcoin has never had two prolong bear markets in a row. There’s always short-term medium-sized bubbles in between, and I consider this one as an “Inbetweener”.
    4. Bitcoin has never hit the low of a prior (relatively big) correction during a bubble burst. Bitcoin’s last correction was in september and hit a low at 3k. The top before the correction was 5k. Only once has Bitcoin hit the top of a prior correction (the correction in early 2013) and that was during the bear market in 2015 (but it was short-lived).
    5. “Everyone” are waiting for 3-5k. Markets tends to fool the majority and award the contrarians.
    6. This is a textbook reversal – panic and capitulation in february followed by a consolidation and a sentiment of anger and depression for 5 months (forming a tripple bottom). It looks as though we’re entering the sucker’s rally.
    7. A lot of analysts were comparing this bubble to the one in 2014-2015, but totally dismiss the fact that the bubble back then was enormous – much bigger than the current bubble (determined by (exp) price increase per time unit). These kind of monster-bubbles needs time to recover.
    8. Tone Vays predicted 7k as an absolute maximum last year. BTC went to 20k. This time around he rates 1.3-3k as the most probable bottoms. If you use Tone Vays as a benchmark, the bottom’s in. (;(;

  9. What? Only only one video today?!? Come on, Carl, we love your videos. How about a couple more vid-eee-ohhs today with some more good news. 😄😄😄

  10. would you mind including info about these leverage trades in any of your future videos?

  11. Better be careful China miners got hit by the flood and I’m sure they will be selling btc to replace there miners plus all the home owners got hit so I’m sure some btc will be sold here soon

  12. The Moon.. can you do a video on your thoughts about Ripple. And apparently Bearable Guy claiming Ripple reaching $589 by the end of 2018. Thanks in advance.

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