Correction Before Breakout? | Bakkt Is HUGE News!


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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: According to the Stoch RSI, there might be a chance for a correction here, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Also, Bakkt might be bigger than the market is giving it credit for. Watch the video to learn more!

0:52 Trading Range (Support & Resistance)
2:52 Bearish Stoch RSI? (Correction)
9:56 EMA Ribbon & Power Move?
14:48 General Market Analysis
16:42 Bakkt Is Huge News!

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Move over ETFs, Bakkt has a bigger Bitcoin story

Correction Before Breakout? | Bakkt Is HUGE News!

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  1. 0:52 Trading Range (Support & Resistance)
    2:52 Bearish Stoch RSI? (Correction)
    9:56 EMA Ribbon & Power Move?
    14:48 General Market Analysis
    16:42 Bakkt Is Huge News!

  2. Bakkt cboe already approved. They just ain’t releasing the info until they get enough people involved and coins to control the market. Although just hear say from a friend in the government circle. This news will be reported sooner then sept 30, if it goes accordingto their plan. They just keeping the price low with bitmex assistance. Sad to say but according to my friend its looking like its true. I just dont know if this is good or bad for the eco system. What your opinion. So far his hear say for the last few weeks have been true. They are also buying up physical gold. He suggested buying both. Not sure whats going on but we are very close to another stock market crash. Exciting times, lol.

  3. Super channel. It’s refreshing to find infomation presented professionally and with integity. Sadly, here are so many indecent players in the crypo space soilling legitimate adoption. Nice to find a channel that can be relied upon. TY Blessings

  4. I dont care about etf approval…i want bakkt to succeed!!
    Hodl since 2016 and no sell before 2020😎

  5. Ever wonder why these resistance breaks and attempted bull moves happen right after the regular market closes on Friday ?

  6. oi the moon when are you going to do a live chat show so we can ask you questions like KROWNS CRYPTO CAVE he is awesome at trading shows trades he dose explains a lot of good TA

  7. I wonder this too. I feel like maybe just like there is lower buy volume, there is also in turn less selling volume? Just a thought

  8. Bakkt makes etf obsolete, that’s why I suspect cboe etf might get approved in September. Also xrapid is going live soon. That’s why I feel yesterday’s action could signal a change in the marke

  9. Mark Foster one of the oddities of cryptos and will be more pronounced with ETFs is you can buy/sell crypto directly 24/7 but if you’re using say GBTC – you are stuck to regular trading hours. So I think if you have ETFs – institutions using those to trade long/short are going to have problems because you can move the price with direct buy/sells at any hour but they would be stuck to regular trading hours

  10. Hey carl do one video about charts! Explaining some charts forms like the head and shoulders that you talk about in some old videos! I prefer to learn here than search in other channels 😉

  11. Starbucks except Bitcoin?

    No, they only aloud ATM in their Coffeeshops, nothing more. So I have heard and read it.

  12. I agree tough to get a big move off a low volume sideways chop. Would be more likely after a big selling event where the spring is compressed

  13. +Christopher Corsi took out what i invested in december…was an easy ans small Step. Not on top, but i cant complain…

  14. +Christopher Corsi nobody knows…but i do really think that there will be some more Spikes well over the ATH of Jan 2018. Just be patient.

  15. The big institutions are global players, so they have traders for every time zone. Besides that, they also use trading bots. Actually the days of human traders are counted if not already over and trading becomes more and more a battle of who can develope the better A.I.

  16. his parents did a great job I’m sure, but it is he who came over the mountains. Definately agree that he is beyond his years

  17. you are like the man of the weather channel lol Today will rain but probably not, but then probably yes, who knows lol lol

  18. You are missing out on accumulation pattern. The goal isn’t to break out right now and going higher but buying all the dump. Bulls are sitting on the bid not pushing the ask

  19. Well he told us that it is more likely that the price will going down … in krypto space you never know what will happen in the next few hours 😉

  20. Meteorology & TA have much in common, as they both track probabilities. Although I think at times, TA might be a little more predictible.

  21. nice videos, nice content. just one piece of advice: when you do not wear a tie, make sure you open the last button of your shirt 😉 otherwise, congrats for the work.

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