Christmas Pump! | Resistance Is Strong Though | Altcoins BOOMING!

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Christmas Pump! | Resistance Is Strong Though | Altcoins BOOMING!


  1. Have a good chrismas Carl! Let 2019 be a better cryptoyear! I mean, much worse than 2018 is almost impossible ^ ^

  2. Whatever i initially think is wrong and the opposite will occur. In this case….. get ready for the pump.

  3. Hi Carl. You give so much to us and I for one am very grateful indeed. Thank you so much. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time over the festive season.

  4. We dont need that capitulation candle with big volume at all, for that we need some very very bad news like MT.Gox hack, the fundamentals of crypto space right now is excellent and u cant compare fundamentals 2014 to 2018 if u must compare the correction, we dont need to stay at 3-4k for another half a year, the recovery will be way faster

  5. the capitulation candel is very important to get to new all time highs. if people bought at 20k and sell at 3k and re buy at 4k because of fomo, they would not sell at 20k again, they will sell at higher price than 20k… capitulation means more momentum on the way up after key levels bauce the ones that caputilated re buy on the way up and dont sell until new all time highs. I dont agree saying that those are fundamental, I would say that is a technical thing actually.

  6. well back in 2014 not much exchanges were there so you wont see as same volume as you saw before now we have many exchanges binance – bitfinex – coinbase – hitbtc and and and and so the volume is split between to many exchanges so will not be possible to see so big volume as before to confirm a bottom or not the bottom will confirm only if go above 6k and close 2 weekly candles above it

  7. Oh please, the Mt.gox thing again? That argument has been invalidated since we broke down 6k, we don’t need a hack for human emotions to play out in the market

  8. The more people think the bottom is not in the bigger the fomo will be when it turns out it is. Can’t it be that we have been slowly bleeding out so long that there are simply not enough people left to form a big red capitulation candle?

  9. I explained in one of my videos that I believe the crypto market will have it very hard to have another bull run when interest rates are rising and credit is tightening. The only way BTC would rise if it is really obvious for everyone that this system will fall apart and no one will save it.

  10. i think people call for a lower bottom now because they have told all their friends in the past that everything is mooning so they see their own self image as a trader to be less damaged if it goes up while saying its going down rather than vice versa.

  11. +hasonito deman ive been thinking and saying that we have not hit bottom yet….and that we will go back down to 3k mark, but like i said always the opposite soooo we will see this pump. Unless i just reversee the pattern by saying it will pump and yet again will prove myself wrong. Haha. Best bet is to listen and folllow the Moon mans advice 🙂

  12. Get rekt Kevin and Kirby, we areeee going to the moooooooon : ) joke bro, i shorted this last pump at 4k, and cant believe its still going up…

  13. The xmas Coin is said to perform the days well, if you ask me it’s just Fomo. Latest on 27.12. the reindeer run is over and we go over to the long rabbit market.

  14. ETH was up 15% it’s at 11% this morning. BTC was up 5% 24/7 and is now to 3%. I know it’s early in the morning but still. Hoping for a super red Xmas. Let’s go down so people can buy

  15. Kevin Svenson you are a bear that is buying on the way down. And claim that that’s what Professional traders do. So I ask you who is selling if your a bear buying. Just going up now.

  16. +Truther One I will be, I’m already bought in so I don’t have to fomo, I can just sit back and relax. And when it will fall back again after all I can always buy more.

  17. +Truther One And I don’t think you can just say that whales move the market, they can start a move up or down, but they still depend on enough people stepping in to make it work.

  18. ‘Finally some good news: The stock market is about to close and stay closed for the next 44 hours’

    Stocks suffer another massive fall. Time to buy more Bitcoin! (Still 9 days til Trace Mayer’s Proofofkeys 3rd Jan Genesis Block anniversary) Merry Christmas!🎄🎅🏼

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